Monday, August 23, 2010

Paper Snipping/piecing Extreme

Extreme you say, for such a Simple card....
well if snipping each and every poinsettia from the same stamped image on Cherry Cobbler Card Stock
doesn't qualify as Extreme, maybe the hour it took me to do this simple looking card does.
Surprisingly I impressed myself that I could sit there that long, snipping away,
but the snipping was not the hard part, piecing was.
Butter & slicing images kept flashing in the air filled head, which made the snipping kind of nice,
cause who doesn't like snips like butter?

Umm, Snipping..... counting the times "snipping" is said yet?
Can you feel what I'm leading up to?
If you Paper Pieced Extreme like this, would you take this well used tool
for granted again, or fall deeply in love with the best scissors out there.
Yes, Stampin'Up's! Paper Snips p.199
Snip needs his own post, I think, after an Extremely well  done job.
His precision-ground tip can get into the tiniest of places.
He normally sits by my side, patiently waiting and keeping me company and as of late becoming
great friends with some bling...that's another post.
Well snip, "I Love You Man"
This ones for you!
Please Please Please, give Snips Brothers a good home, they will never let you down!
Contact me to find out more about Snips brothers or other relatives.

Click Pic for a better View

The Card....
a mini "sneak" single a la carte Stamp called Christmas Post Card,
mini "sneak" glass glitter, mini "sneak" 1/2 seam binding ribbon in Artichoke.
All ready on Sept 1 for a Good Home.
Drop me a line if you need a Mini Catalog.


Valerie Durham said...

You go, girl! I am impressed that you snipped all that! I certainly am not that patient! This card really looks gorgeous!

Verna said...

could you explain exactly what you have done because I guess I can't really tell by the picture what you snipped and pieced.