Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You know What... Wednesday's are just not good for me, ever!
If it can go wrong, happen, or just plain not work, it happens on Wednesdays.
Every time too, so I just decided to get up go to work come home go to bed...
It was a into the real world.
This swap reminded me of an even better plan, a file folder all decked out received from a good friend Lenore Whitehead.
I love Stampin Ups Motto (statement of the heart).
To love what we do.....
so I will do this on Wednesday's instead of going to bed, now that's a better plan.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

More of my Favorites....& a Free class

This swap done by ...Hope I get this right
Lorna Raczynski
Definitely one of my Favs!
She took apart the twill tape to create the strings and used different sized brads for her spider...

I had a great stamp a stack only 2 came but still a lot of fun, it only took about and hour, yep an hour long SAS.
This got me to thinking this would make a great class for any and all.
So I'm going to put it together and give it to you FREE.
The even better part is they can be done cheaply (as long as you chose one style or already have the stamp sets).
Whether you are a creative person who is looking for a quick way to make cards for Christmas or a Demo who need a Class that's quick and great for your customers.
Nope I'm not going to put it on here (the blog) you have to ask for the PDF of
Pics, Lowdown, pricing of each card, 6 in all with a box,


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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall...Fall...Fall, Oh where are thou?

I wish!

Please Mother Nature bring us the less humid and cooler temps we are suppose to have in the Fall...OK it's not Fall yet.

I have this on my mantle to remind me that open windows, comfortable jeans (cause who has time to shave ;), and cooler Friday Night Lights are in them football games when you can smell Fall in the air.
Melissa made this beauty for a drawling that I was lucky to win one of.
I will have more Melissa Later on But if you would like to see more go to these posts
Here & Here
Have a Good Weekend
GO Salem Sundevils!!!!!!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tribute Cont....

Melissa made this and about 19 or 20 more of this gorgeous wall art.
Me and several others earned this one of a kind piece because of some challenges we were encourage to do through the 2008-2009 Stampin Up year set up by Melissa and Faith Clark the other Demo who runs the Inky Angels and Inky Blessings group of over 200+ demo's.

Wait till you see Faith's tribute...have to ask her first.
She is just as amazing!!!! Very Chic (say this with the accent)
You know what just join with me and you'll get to see these two in action:)
She used the SU Long board chipboard to give you a better idea of how big it is.

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Monday, September 21, 2009


My Up line Melissa Ellis is a phenomenal stamper!
She is really the only other stamper (there are a few others only hers are more) I have put and shown off her works on my blog.
Plus I'm being slack in my own stamping due to some unexpected Mommy duties.

This week is going to be all about her.
I'm pretty sure I have aloud enough time for her do to these with her customers...just in case they should happen upon this site. I don't want to ruin there surprises.
This is her card from a swap we were in together a few weeks back.
I think she used the baby wipe technique, not sure but she will let me know *NOPE it's the polished stone technique
and used the scallop square die for the card.
The new Autumn Meadows paper and Autumn Splendor set from the mini.
Wish you could see this in person the colors are very vibrant.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess what....

I got a little busy so this is super quick and still no video...but soon.
I was sent this card via e-mail from a friend, Thanks Luann.
I changed it from the original, it had more DSP, and Lilli said they look like penguin's more than snowmen.
Add a little more black and I guess they could.

Have a good weekend!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mini Punch...

I've got to say I am impressed with this mini.
It is slam packed with some great stuff.
I wasn't so sure where SU was going with the catalog and how toned down it has become. But it all make since to me now with the Holiday mini release. With the main catalog and it's staple items they can just go wild with what they release with the minis and salebration.
If you haven't checked out the mini yet or would like a copy, let me know.
I'm here to help!
This card (quick and easy) uses the ornament punch from page25, I have already seen so many ways to use it, and I'm going to show you another way real soon.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The coolest things you find!

Well I'm still here that means I must of survived the first week....Barely!
I will file this one in the worst of them category's.
It all started last weekend with Lane being sick with lets say Flu like symptoms. I was so sad he was going to miss his first day of Middle school, but there was no way he was going if he did not clear up, well luckily he did and survived and made the football team. Probably feeling awful too.
Well that flu decided it wanted to hit the rest of us! UGH!
This Mommy tried as hard as she could to keep the immunity system fighting hard, clean hands and the wonderful works of Lysol, it still got me!
In the end Lilli missed two and I missed one day's of the first week.
Is it swine flu...
the Dr said without a test (didn't want us coming in to infect them...can't blame em) he couldn't tell me, but more than likely it is.
So that was the first week.
Now the video I wanted to do didn't get done, but that's OK I was able to stew on it a little longer and came up with another idea for it, so stay tuned. There might even be two.

This cool card is the product of a video I found by Donna Moore
Crimping and embossing ribbon, to cool.
Almost all ribbons can be done even with impression plates, to stinking cute!
So this week bring out the old White Rain and Aqua Net liquid hairspray and go to town on your ribbons.
SmUUUUches..oops sorry I'm well now! HE HE!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Simply Fast III

Fast and simple!
All three cards this week took me only 15 Min's to do, using Stampin Up stencils
page 29 of the Definitely Decorative Brochure and of coarse the new Shimmers paint page 27 of the new Holiday Mini...get a Shimmers of you choice free from me here's the details.
Be sure to check out my video using both in my Tutorials.
Have a great week-end.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Simply Fast II

This weeks post will be super short and to the point, sorry first week of school is always hectic and it seem we are in Monsoon season and hip waders are need this week.
Oh and Lane made his middle school football team.
Michelle at Laycock Designs finished and did a fabulous job I am amazed at her talent check her out.
The rest of my blog will be done at a later date. Hope you like it!

This year all of the cards and gifts I am going to give will use Stampin Ups Stencils.
I can get all my card and my gifts made using just one set, but I'm going to use more only cause I love them all.
If you would like more details on this card email or call me.
It's using Vintage Ornaments I page 29 of the Definitely Decorative Brochure
and again the New Shimmers Paint page 27 in the Holiday Mini
you can receive this free from me, details here.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Simply Fast

Here are some great and simply fast ways to start your Christmas cards.
Stampin Up sells the coolest stencils and the usage's are endless, on the walls with paint, home decor, cards like I will show you this week, ending in a video of coarse, I think I'm addicted. The materials are endless. Paint, plaster, ink and so on and so on.

On this card I used the Vintage Ornaments II 118141 of the Definitely Decorative Brochure and the new Champagne Mist Shimmers Paint 116806 on page 27 of the Holiday Mini.
Don't forget you can get this free and mailed to you free with a purchase of any 3 Stamp sets from the Holiday Mini from me the details are here.
Like more details on this card e-mail or call me.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

New and improved

My blog is going under a redo thanks to Michelle at Laycock Designs.
Stampin Up Has informed us of some changes to their IDA Independent Demonstrator's not so bad but as I wait on the Devine Michelle who is super talented and popular (busy) I will be updating and re adding the Blogs I love to my side bar , unfortunately if you directly sell another competing product I will have to keep you in my reader and still visit.
But, since I am still new to stamping I'm feeling another blog is in my future as I am loving all the new companies and products out there.
Now on to this blog and the exciting new changes....
Lots of Videos (Lilli's Video is up) and tutorials to come and a 3 day post week.
With having a full time job and sporty little ones, I'll keep my sanity Thanks.
When I can make this, Stamping and Stamping Up my full time job then you will have a hard time shutting me up.
That's my goal anyways.
Soon I will shut down the comments, Who needs them? I did at one time but found they are not necessary to me anymore and actually time consuming, I love my work and am going to love showing them to you.
I will still visit my favorites and comment too. But if you need to say or ask me something please email me.
Also I will be creating my own deals each month to include any that Stampin Up has also.
What could be sweeter.....more deals!
Now on to the most exciting news the Holiday Mini is out and Fabulous!

My September Deal of the month ...
Order any 3 Stamp sets from me (sorry no accessories & US only)
And I will send you any one of the Shimmer Paints $5.95* of your choice!
With free shipping.
The card above shows the Champagne Mist 116806.
This card is also using the Charming set 116519 on page 32. This set coordinates with the new Simply adorned Charms of which I'm so excited about, but unfortunately cannot order yet. I will let you know when they are available.
The small piece on this card can be removed and placed in the large 1 1/2" x 2" charm.
I plan on giving these to all the women in my life with lots of different inserts to choose from.
So many looks to choose from created right in your own home.

Some more news Starting in October.
My Digital Studio will be available, I don't know about you but for this non-but trying
scrapbook- er this is right up my alley. These true to color space saving books are awesome
Create a great gift or memory to savior.
Single pages and cards can be made also, More details soon.

*While supplies last -please allow 2 weeks for delivery

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