Monday, August 31, 2009

Lilli's Creation, And the last of my favorites... for now!

Starting Sept 1 You can order Build A Bear from the Holiday Mini.
Well I won this at Convention and then I proceeded to cut in line to get Lilli a Stampin Up Demo Exclusive Build a Bear.
And so worth the dirty looks too I might say, cause she was one happy little girl.
There was not to much to choose from, for a little girl, and souvenir's in Utah.
So I was ecstatic when they announced this.
So after the recoup Lilli and I Played with the stamps and she learned to water color.
This card is what she came up with. Mommy helped of coarse.
Now her whole Birthday is going to be BAB (results shown at a later date.)

But Stating this Friday, Freaky Friday that is Lilli will be Video Demoing Water coloring.
This is too cute and not to be missed!

I have quite a few classes planned around BAB, so keep an eye out.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things III

My up-line received one of these Long Envelopes with a file in it at convention and I remember seeing a template some where.
So I came home found it made some and then created a PDF of multiples on one page so many could be made at one time, that's if your printer will take card stock.
Unfortunately, I have learned how to make a PDF just not a Hyperlink to it so if you would like it Free, email my by clicking my Picture to the right, and clicking the "Email Me" link, put "Requesting the PDF" in the title.

I was thinking these will make great Craft Fair give aways or make and takes. Put your info on the back with a sticker. Give them to your teachers with pencils for her to give her students, they always need prizes and gifts to give to their students. The possibilities are endless. I gave my son one with a drink mix in it, he then proceeded to ask if I wanted it back so I could show it.
It's sad how well they know me.
But they rock!

The Textured ink wash is up in my Tutorials....with I'm hoping a video!
A few changes are coming to this blog you might have noticed a few already I'm so excited...Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things II

I was in an organized swap for SCS,
The WOW swap of full cards with a technique or fold.
106 swappers signed up, only you could make as many as you needed back, I did 25.
I could say Wow!

I was standing beside this card...the maker Mandy Grant.
Pull one side and the other slides out also, to cool.
Never done one of these, so I had to have it.
To make it, look up Slider card.
Or visit her, click on her name and ask.

Friday I will have a Tutorial up on how to do the
Textured Ink Wash.


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Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things!

These next couple of weeks are going to be quite busy.
School starts on the 8Th but I start work earlier.
So I'm going to show some of my favorite swaps from convention.
Please help me out if I get the makers wrong.
Unfortunately I do not have any ways to contact them, to see what was used.
But if you really want/need to know Email me and I can probably decipher it.
The above pic is just a hodgepodge of many items I love!
Align Center

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off for a while.

Just popping in to say Hi and I will be off for this week.
Getting ready to go back to school.
Here are some 12x12 pages I have started for Lane and Lilli's school years.
I'm not a scrap Booker...but trying.
Next installment of
Without Breaking The Bank is up
and I have made it even sweeter.


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Friday, August 14, 2009

No Winny!

I have started to enter some contests and magazines.
I guess I didn't win cause this card was submitted months ago, and no replies.
So I'm going to show it to you.
They wanted Funky colors, well the new in-colors are that,
and rub-ons. Sam Style!:)
Oh and add this one to 101 ways to use Circle Circus! I've lost count.

I'm really starting to love my own stuff.
Have you guys notice that about yourselves are you starting to love your own stuff?
Now as I lead you into, loving your own stuff, I'm going to talk about Casing-aka copying,
creating the same card, looking at others work, doing the same thing and so on and so on. Do you do it?...
Well... I do it too!
You thought I was going to berate you about it, didn't you.
I'm not, but I have had that experience.
I look at and love others creations, I take something from here and something from there and create my own.
There have been quite a few times where the original creation did not need to be messed with and I copied step by step.
Basically what I'm saying is it's OK it's not a sin, most top SU Demonstrator's, bloggers and SCS's do it, that sounds like we have some kind of addiction.
(Don't you want to case, come on baby case with me you know you want to!) HE HE!

On that note lets make today Case day!
Case a card or a 3D you absolutely love, then show (via blog , email) and tell, direct me to where you found the original.
Each reader (sorry US only) who does this by Fri August 21 will need to also email (find my picture to the right, click on it, then go to email) me their address cause I'm going to send you a personal card made by me...that's all the blog candy I can afford right now, a few 44 cent stamps.
So get your friends, which will probably make me have to go get more postage stamps;), and case a card.
Have fun and Happy Crazy for Casing Friday!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whats my style!

Yep that's a paper dress in memento mall!
I was a good girl.

I have been asked by many what is my style.
Well let me tell you a little about myself.
I'm a tattooed, always changing things (mostly the subject), wannabe 70's hippy , Lovin 50's Retro, can never stick to one thing (ADD- hard for me to stick to large amounts of swaps), Momma, 30 something. Does that help.

I actually love a clean style, but cannot seem to always come up with that. I actually do not like to use DSP a lot, but will. Go through all my work do you see much, it's mostly on my 3D's.
You should see the huge stack I have of 6x6 palettes all mixed up retired paper cause I fall in love and don't use it.

I've notice my style changes from day to day or person I'm stamping with.
Hoping to create a new trendy style called Sam, yep just Sam.
So when you see my cards just call it the Sam style.
Going to relax and readjust to being back.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome to it's high up there! :o

I'm Back
Utah is simply gorgeous and the weather cooperated.
Convention was great and inspiring.
Unfortunately I had to find out I do not do well in high elevations.
So next time, Thanks to the wonderful & smart Margie Stone of Jacksonville FL, my neighbor on my flight home
I will have a prescription to take to combat that. Her and I were the smartest players of our flights Trivia game, but only after we answered the questions wrong.
We always/mostly guessed the right answers after we picked the wrong one.

Guess who I met, Mary Fish I stalk her blog, well really I have a subscription to it so every time she posts I get an update. That's the beauty of subscribing to your favorite blogs, so you don't get overwhelmed trying to keep up.
Mary is such a gracious lady and quite a winner this year. Correct me if I'm wrong...
#1 Rising Star & #4 in recruiting #24 Demo of the year!
Love her

More to come

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

3D..not what I planned, But....

The 3D I planned would not plan for the time restraint I was on I just went with another.
You have seen it, I just changed a few things and added chocolate inside.
What could be better than a new purse with chocolate.
I'm on my way home today, I know I missed everyone but if you don't hear from me it means I stayed, HA HA Just Kidding. I love my crazy and adorable Family!
I'll share when I can of what I saw!
The next few weeks we will prepare to go back to school UGH!
Check my schedule for up coming events.
After Convention I know my original ideas will change so they are sure to knock your flops off.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thur~ Inky Angels ATC's

These are ATC'S...Artist trading cards. Small 3 1/2 by 2 1/2
These were my favorites by far plus the easiest.
The top is what I swapped with the Inky Angels group.
Melissa my up-lines very large 1st thorough 5Th level down line.
Confused yet, become a Demo and it will become more clear.
The bottom, I just had fun making thanks to borrowing my down lines stamp set, Thanks Becky!
Next Year Babe!!!!!


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Friday, August 7, 2009


This is Thursdays WOW Swap with SCS.
106 people signed up, but the good thing is you only have to make as many as you want. It's a full card, using the Textured ink wash technique. Embossed with the Kind Thoughts stencil.
Need to know more e-mail or comment.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oldie...But Goodie!

Yep you have seen it before, just a few changes.
Check out the original here.
Added a back layer in Razzle, its a card front.
And put a 3D flower in the corduroy buttons place.
Question, e-mail or comment.
Happy Hump day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was so proud of this swap, CAS...I decided to use the Mono Adhesive (green Bottle)
Cause I wanted my swaps to stay adhered And the snail adhesive likes to come undone lately.

Well I am thinking something else has changed, my Whisper White card Stock definitely is different.
You can see the glue right through it, not so proud of this swap now. I do not know if it's swappable.
Mess up on one side...Oh! it has another. NOPE! the ink has bled through. Never had that happen before, so I called DS (the best customer service department on earth) , light or dark ink does not matter, I know they will have it resolve.
I love SU's paper it is the best!!!!!
But until this is resolve I will use confetti or natural white.
If you have questions email me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Sleeping on a Jet Plane!

Do I look exhausted?
Probably cause I'm smiling, seems that hides the bags pretty well...
that's one to remember. My hairs a mess, my nose is sunburned, how come a smile wont hide that.
The next few days are posts of my swaps. I have several organized swaps on Thursday . So I'm going to spread them out.
Wish me fun!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Thursday Update...He's Home!!!

These Pics are a little out of order, and I'm going to be even quicker, things to do...yadda yadda yadda!
Above ...he found us. Woo Hoo!!

LOOKING...had an idea where we were at, I think. But first he had to help the girls carry their belonging, my stud! HEHE

He's up there, to the left of the guy in blue. Talking to us, with me being the crazy women with a sign. You should see me at their( Lane's & Alex's) football games. When I'm not talking someones (Susan's) ear off.

His Gigantic ship being turned around.

His Gigantic ship pulling in...So cool to see!
So glad to have him home.

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