Friday, August 6, 2010

Itty Bitty is still HERE!

Unfortunately the stamp set is retired But.....
How about a wheel, there's 2 actually, The standard one used on this card called Sandy Speckles-117651
or the jumbo one called Texture-116685.
Just use them like you would a stamp, or roll em, what ever your day calls for☺
OK so don't look to close at my flower, kinda did not turn out the way I wanted,  sure was not going to waste it though. It's one of the new Paper Daisies-119243. They color, stamp, and dye nicely.

I'm making this short...Actually I try to make all my post's short, sometime I achieve that)
for tomorrow is Alex's 
Homecoming/21st Birthday Combo Party.
I think I typed that with sarcasm!
Don't get me wrong,
I plan to Party and Have lots of Fun for this Great Occasion
 That right there is my problem....Aspirin anyone? 
Check out some awesome Pics....

That's my Oldest Baby...not the guy on the right.
Glad he's home safe!
Have a Great Weekend!


BCG said...

Very pretty card.

Found you through SC

Katie Ann Brooks said...

lovely card! Enjoy time with your son!

Jen said...

Great card. Love the work you did on the flower. I'm a new follower.

Rebecca said...

I'm so happy for you.. I bet emotions were running HIGH that day.. Great card!

Carol - Fairview Hts, IL said...

Love the card. Glad your son is home safe....have a wonderful visit. Love your blog and videos.