Friday, May 28, 2010



Why wait for Monday, Memorial Day!
Should we remember for just a Day, a weekend, no......

Remember Always
With Love,
Beautiful Memories,
  Sacrifices made.
For the LOVE of our Country!

....Remember Always!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

BOO HOOing in my Coconut cup(s)....

A Note Of Thanks....Next Ones On Me.

Well I can finally tell, I did NOT call for Sam. Boo Hoo!
Yes I'm sulking, for all the hard work and never getting my entries back.
This week alone has put my shriveling  heart at risk every time the phone rang, and it was not Brent.
I'm exhausted, BUT! will get over it.
This was Fridays Post but the start of the Almost Artisan Blog Tour Below started today for some....
Check em Out!

So to celebrate "LOSING" starting Tuesday ( I already have a post set for Memorial Day)You get to see them all.
10 of the most amazing, to me anyways, Sam's Almost Artisan Blog posts.
Of coarse I'll analyze why I might not have won, always hard on myself anyways.
Blog Tour Links to some other Almost Artisans that have already started showing and some will show later.
Congratulations to all the Winners!

Leave me some lovin Please so I can reflate.

Celebrate Friday....
with some Coconut (mixed) Drinks! I AM!
Almost Artisans and more to come....

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Scratch Mine & I'll Scratch Yours

I bought these mini Back Scratchers last year for convention as a 3D.....
as you can see they didn't get used. 
They make great and quick gift, cause who doesn't need their back scratched.
I just pulled the existing string out and add a snazzy chipboard Flower and some Pretty ribbon.
If it has a hole, (no dirty remarks) and you can give it away, put some pretty SU ribbon through it!

So for all my sweet demo friends going to Convention and doing a general 3D swap.
I will have them so come find me....And I'll scratch your back for ya.
Working on a Splashy Technique Video
Happy Wednesday

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Monday, May 24, 2010

10 Little Girls....Brookie Birthday

Birthday Parties and Crafts,
Boy or Girl, Adult, Teens and Children... just makes economical sense.
Stamping makes it more fun.
Ranges from 10$ and below depending on the Craft you choose.
Tons to choose from.
In the Va Beach Area....
Contact me to Put the Fun at Your Next Birthday Celebrations.

Brookie's Mom choose the Name Frames, these were super simple for little hands.
And they had a Blast and were so proud of themselves.
Future Stamper, yep I'm enabling early.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Punch Your Cards....

No really. Punch Away, I won't tell.
Saw this technique on a Scrap Page in a mag....who ever did it their page was Awesome....Try it!

A Choppy Editor put up a Video on these...It's a long story. Did you know that when you give a file a name it usually can be found just by typing it in search, I did at one time, must of went by way of the air that entered my head at one point.
Get It?
Well needless to say, one well done video erased and a hasty one took its place, with some choppy edits trying to cover up that haste.
Flip is Lucky he's not on the shelf again because
he was not saving where I thought he should be.
Now I think we can get along.
It can only get better right...
This Baja Breeze Card for Faith my good friend...Get Better Soon!
I did not Create this technique.
Happy Hump Day!

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Monday, May 17, 2010


This one did not make the cut...something about it just BUGGED me.
What cut...hopefully soon whether I lose or win you will know.

Pictures really do not do this card justice it's cloudy today and my editing is even worse, a new
Light Box studio is coming soon.
*edit-main pic has been updated with a better one
The cat seems to like all my homemade ones, whats with a cat and boxes anyways?
Mine by "cat telepathy" tells me she's hiding with a little hiney wiggle☺
After she ripped the box to shreds.
Gotta love our animals!

An Awesome Video Soon.
Happy Monday

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Friday, May 14, 2010

I've Got That Retro Feelin...

The style now called "retro art" is a genre of pop art which was developed in the 1940s and 1950s in response to a need for bold, eye-catching graphics.
Some fun with some new colors.
The yellow you see is the new Daffodil Delight, the little the sliver of blue on the black card is Marina Mist and the red border is Cherry Cobbler.
So excited for these and more....Early Espresso, um mm so ME!
Super Simple cards using 10$ and under stamps and More to come next week.

Check out my New Video in Tutorials & Video's showing you a cool way to get more out of your Corduroy Buttons.
Have a Great and Groovy Weekend!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Under 10$ Stamp

A quick and easy way to make an always needed Birthday card...
one stamp that says it all.
10$ and under stamps,
add some paper and ink and you can make your whole years worth of cards in a Day.
Class Coming soon...stay tuned.
Happy Monday!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Mothers Day Cards that I did not Design

My Wonderful Sideline and Up line did these two for a shoe box swap.
Faith Clark's top card is using Elements of Style from the Summer Mini.
And Melissa Ellis's bottom card is using Watercolor Trio, also from the Summer Mini.
Two must have sets.
Haven't seen the the summer mini or need one...Let me know or view it from my Catalogs on the right.
Don't forget my Stamp Play~Relax Stamp of the month, Details in
My For Sale & Class Section.
Have a Great Weekend and a Relaxing Mothers Day to You All!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer VayCay Hurry up and get here already!

I removed the video containing this page as a sample...
If you happen to actually see it (the video) so hard to watch even I had difficulty.
But I will honor the A latte Stampin' Channel special I had at the end, until May 15. Just email me.
Working on some swaps, 2 videos, and I just might do one (video) on this page.
Let me know if you would want to see that.
Have a lot to catch up on.
How many more days till summer vacation???

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let Me know.....

I actually Put this on Tutorials Last It will be removed from here.
Just Need your opinion on How this Video is...Leave a comment.☺
I think I finally have it although I am using my old camera 7mp, so the colors are not as sharp.
Going to do a whole lot more...can you say addicted HEHE!
Actually the editing is quite fun! Now that I have it on the Laptop.
Have a Fun Scrap Page to show soon.

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