Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Sad and Long Contemplate

I have been seriously thinking of giving up my Blog!
Yes, you read right. The guilt I feel of not posting often, my life (family), my Stampin' Up business, is making me really think about it.
A very good friend and a top 10 Stampin' Up Demo (no she does not have a blog) kind of put it into perspective for me.
The money and time put into a blog, thank you blogger-no money needed, could be spent in time with family, calling customers, and just plain free time, you know how I'll be spending that.
She also mentioned, besides a Lucky few (bloggers), how does it help your business with customers.
Well my first thought when I started this was to help my customers with ideas for cards and projects.
But I know they really don't visit they are off the computer and tending their lives, which is what I need to be doing.
She mention the majority of people who visit are other Demos (I have the best, that visit and comment to me) but they cannot bring me customers and I kinda of agree, I know I have a few who are not and they have become very lovely cyber friends.
I read on SCS, Demo side someone asked how to get viewers to one's blog, the answer by one was posting everyday and I remember they must spend all day visiting blogs to see who posted today, and realized that has become me. If I need ideas, I can get that at Stampin' Up and SCS...(this makes me laugh why post on SCS and your blog, the same thing, why have a blog then (yes I know this can work but I only know of 2). If you need the business that SCS might give you get a DBWS and direct them there in your signature, just my opinion that I need to follow myself).
As I contemplate about this while I finish my room, which yes I will show you and yes I do have the marker video done, but haven't figured out how to get it on here-help for that is coming soon.
I will post some of the new goodies at my own pace.I will also post rants and things that bother me for instance casing, watermarks,(which I still have not figured out and don't care anymore, because I can still print your stuff up and copy it) giving credit and who did it be prepared and remember they are just my opinions and you don't have to agree but I look forward to your thoughts.
Oh and the card... done for my Brews&Browse- Fifth Avenue, Urban Oasis DSP love love love these colors black just adds such elegance & The new Fine Supernova Olive glitter, love love love all the colors in this.
Hugs...with a wet shoulder!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I'm up against!!!!

You can't even see the rest of the room either.
to embarrassed to show you.
I'm not done yet...
This mess was from everything being moved from my giant table downstairs back to here so Santa wouldn't trip.
Now all this , plus the rest of the room is in the hallway, (which just got new carpet) my bedroom, my daughters bedroom, my sons bedroom...get the picture any available space.
New paint, floor, and desk.
But don't fret I have been stamping, just not here I cant even find half my stuff, I have such great organized friends that have graciously loaned me there houses, stamping stuff, and companionship for the 2 swaps I have coming up. Plus my Brews & Browse on Sat evening.
Will show you all soon.
The finished room and the stamping!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Going AWOL!!!

Here I go again!
Organizing the stamp room(total rebuild-you will freak over the pics, especially the before), getting carpet, and prepping for up coming Classes.
You will see very little of me.
This little frame,3$ WM, was done by Susan and me for her to give as a gift, as you can see it's using the Valentine that paper. And weeping over the retirees.
Hugs and Visits Soon!