Coffee 0r Drink Cozy

Out of one piece of felt, have fun with colors.
Cut in to 4 smaller pieces
Using Big Shot and Scallop Envelope  bugz die-113462
You get 2 Cozies out of one piece of felt
Now the Fun part, get the kids involved 
Using SU Blossom Party originals die-115971 and many colors of felt or fleece
Cut into 4th's and let the kids run it through the Big Shot
Also needed- any color embroidery Floss and needle
Now you really do not have to use a machine and you really do not need to know how to sew "perfectly"
But I used my sewing machine just for one end or you can hand sew it.
Now fold 
make sure the pretty first scallop is lined up almost to the end of the not so pretty side of the other envelope, then bring the rest of the scallop slightly in an angle
Hope my slightly weird picture below explains a little better
You can cut off the Tabs, or not.
On one cozy I folded them out and put a pretty stitch
Hand sew and trust me it does not have to be perfect, for some reason they always
come out pretty/whimsical
Sew on your flower(s) just a few stitches are needed put as many as you would like
Sample up top.
Feel good that you are helping the environment by reusing your handmade cozy and not grabbing the paper ones. Keep them in your purse, give them as gifts to the coffee drinkers in your life.
Have fun with it!

Score down long side of full sheet of CS at 1 1/4 and 7 1/4
Flip and Score across at 4 7/8 and 6 1/8
Cut only small section on side where the scores meet Cont... Bone fold all your scores...I use to never do this until a friend told me its easier to work with. But Y'all probably already knew that. Use Tombo Multi on the small tab. Glue to first Long Tab. Then ...here's a tip and it doesn't change the look of the box...Glue second long tab over the small tab that is glued to the first tab...make since. Look at Pic below I do this so the cards do not get hung up on the small tab!
take your 1 3/8 punch to the sides of your box for a half circle.
Then to make your handle, punch your1 3/8 circle hole first then your 1 3/4 circle punch next, I off sided it for a little extra touch, but you can do what you like. Tombow Multi to the Half circle you made on the box. Decorate!!!


OK I have been working on this for a couple weeks and wouldn't you know it SU had the same great idea about the stencils.
So I'm going to show you my take on it!
I found this, a cool sheet of plastic..

And had this idea which worked, running the stencil sheets with SU's Join in the Cheer Die, I knew the circle from the o might pop out either though I didn't want it to.
Luckily it didn't.
I had to continue to cut with my knife just the part I wanted, with lots of patience, trying to keep the o in the middle, so it wouldn't turn out to be a solid o...make since.

Here I'm using window sheets

But here is the real magic. Continue to next post for a great find...I did the work for ya.
Go out and get this. This one worked the best but they all did great...

And add a few drops of reinker any color and yes I tried craft also!

Go out and get this! Works Wonderful for all stencils!
Did not try reinkers on this only cause I wanted the white
There's more...

This was OK works with reinkers, classic and craft, but thin so you would have to build it up and dries with a sheen.

Yep you probably already have this and it works like a dream. Can be used with both classic and Craft reinkers.
The only thing I could be concerned with would be time and cracking.
Hope this helps!