Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Guessed it!!!

Hi every one in Blog Land that finally as one of my posters said" got off the fence and posted"
I loved that.
And the winner is Oh My Gosh!
My darling Hubby drew...
My great friend and Blogging Sister (Not Biblical)
OK Phree go to view my profile and contact my with your address.
And it will go out tomorrow.
Here's what you get,
Organic Grace Level one and a few Other Items.

Oh and for those who asked I have this great case you can find on-line it holds, I think 48 sponge daubers...I let you know where as soon as Melissa Lets me know.
Will start to post again soon.
Tegan could you also contact me with your address, go check out this up and comer in the stamping world. Can you say future Demo!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apologizing With Blog Candy!!!

OK I apologize things have gotten so busy for me, so there might not be any more post for the week, that means the tutorials are being put off also.
As you can see from the photo I need to clean up and get ready for the Christmas SAS Saturday...I'm so excited. I become a monster before any thing big being done at my house, but it's a good thing. This mess is from the planning of all my upcoming events, and friends coming to play.
No! this is not my Stamp room but, while my oldest son was home after "A" school that was taken over and little by little I took over my husbands pool (billiards) room.
Which I use for my workshops and classes any ways but not to this extent.
So on to the good part about my busyness I'm going to give away Blog Candy.
For all you Blog Stalkers that don't leave any comments...and I know you are out there cause I'm one of you.
Here's what you have to do...Identify this picture.
You have until next Tuesday Sept 30. By leaving a comment with your guess.
Your prize... a First Level Hostess set.
I will have my DH randomly pick your comments out of a hat and then contact you.
So let everyone know, Link it in your Blog and I'll add you twice. And happy guessing.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Links!

Good Monday Morning
I have started some New Links at the top of the page and will add more soon.
I plan on selling some of my retired stamps. So that link will be there soon.
This card was a plan for a swap. But since my Christmas card Stamp a Stack is Saturday.
Paper became way to precious and needed to be conserved.
The inside is just a 1 3/4 Cut in a spiral, kind of was thinking a pop out card.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Totally in Love!!

Here is the final one...Yes I do have another. But Ive run out of time.
I'll post that at another time.
This Gift Card Holder, the top piece was a template from my up line Melissa, yes I'm still learning and she is still teaching, and Donna. Who put it on top of a card.
This one is using the new Bella Toile back ground stamp with pocket silhouette's. I'll put the measurement up next week in a new link to tutorials...at least I'm hoping to.
I have quite a big group coming next Sat the 27 for a Christmas card Stamp-a-stack. Boy are they going to be surprised. I panicked about the designs and if I had enough material.
Thank God For next and 2 day shipping. Now I know I have enough. But boy do I have a lot to cut.
My designs...I'm totally in love.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Changing things UP!

Another Gift Card Holder!
This one I saw being done on Kristina Werner Blog, she's so talented. She gives someone credit just don't know who and I apologize.
Same design I just changed everything.
I look at many blogs almost every morning, just to see what they have done. So like everyone else blog surfing or as I like to call it Blog Stalking, I like to see something new, hence why I'm trying to post something everyday.
BUT!!! there will come a time and I apologize, where I will go stagnant, either I'm so busy or god forbid my computer goes down.
Like I said, next week I will have tutorials on all the Gift Card holders. And maybe a new blog layout, have to see how time goes.
So if you need to find the instructions now on this Gift Card Holder go visit Kristina's Blog, she actually shows you in a video.
Have a Happy Thursday cause... tomorrows Friday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making it Short!

Have to apologize And make this short.
Didn't get the chance to make a different type of gift card holder today...So lucky for you I will post on Sat. I told myself I would try to always have a post(except for weekends) as my business picks up and luckily it has. But I had to much fun with my up line Melissa yesterday, talking, stamping, family, and our lives. I didn't get to do the other gift card holder I had planned. But that's a good thing.
This card holder is the same as yesterday but decorated different. Next week I will have a different link to tutorials on all of them.
Happy Hump Day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ta-Da!!! Thank You Donna.

Here is a new kind of Gift card Holder, at least I think it is new, have not seen it any where.
I did show how to do this at my last Inky Angels Meeting, but time was of the essence so they did not get the all measurements...well your still not going to get them until next week.

Let me tell you the story of how this came to be.
Donna my very best est of friends bought a Gift card holder she thought was unique (GASP!!!) But she bought it to copy.
Isn't it funny to see cards in the stores and think I could copy that with stamps, for less money too.
She showed it to me and I asked if I could try to copy the idea and this is what I came up with.
So the idea is Donna's, but I'm impatient, she knows how I am, and did it first.
THANK YOU!!! Donna for the great idea.
(Yes Donna has the measurement and has done one)

This particular Holder is using the new Spotlight on Christmas and Word flurries Rub-ons.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Gift cards...galore!

Happy Monday!
This week I'm going to focus on Gift card Holders.
Today's was a Template I learned from my Up Line Melissa, I'm going to do some Tutorials next week on all of them. Hopefully with all the right measurements. This one use the new Sweet Always 12x12 paper. It goes with the Always stamp set p56.
I also used the new Flower Fusion Too Chocolate Chip.
It has been such a busy weekend, or Saturday anyways.
It took Sunday to recoup, I did absolutely nothing. Aw www! Slept in, read a little, stamped some, then took a nap, read some more, stamped some more... I could go on and....
Get ready for tomorrow Melissa is coming over to do a new Gift card holder only a wonderful select few have seen.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Simple Pockets

Pocket Silhouettes an all around stamp set.
Make quick and easy cards of any size with this set.
I made this card for a new customer as a Thank You, took me all of 5 mins. Used our new Wide oval punch and our Stampin Pastels. The new Kiwi Kiss double sided ribbon is a classy add.
Yesterday was Lillis B-Day and as I was making this card she wanted to take the chalks and go out side...almost died. I changed her mind real quick, instead I taught her a new way to think of colors instead of the way she thinks of them. So now she'll probably go to school and instead of it being Blue , it's Brilliant Blue or pink, it's Pretty In Pink...
Don't we all think like that.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Like I say you can cover anything!
Found these adorable wooden pails at the wood section of AC's. With a little paper & ribbon and ink they were decorated. That's how easy it can be for you. I also use a few punches, stamps and the Big Shots GO GO Boots lettering. The small jar in the back just has rolled up paper, some ribbon and the top covered. Instant candy jar.
I asked my Hubby if he could spray paint the pails black for me ...but time got away as always. So I just colored the parts that are shown with my wonderful basic Black SU marker.
If you would like to do a Halloween based workshop let me know and I'll check my calender and we'll set it up.
Remember you can order anytime now through my site.

Note: It was pointed out to me the pails look huge they are very small pails measuring about
2 3/4 tall & 2 3/4 round.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Punches Three with a side of Blueberries!

Blueberries Anyone?
I usually do not mount my hostess sets I receive. Instead I use them for Prizes at my workshops. For this set Punches Three...I mounted them...first off they are die-cut, took me all of 2 minuets, second they use two of our newest punches , wide oval and the square scallop.
Now if you would like to get this set besides winning as a prize, but what are the chances. Host your own workshop. Invite all your friends and Family and with a Qualifying order of 150$ or more you can choose this or 5 other sets and paper at the level one section. Now there are 3 levels and even more sets to choose from.
Now the more you invite to your workshop with orders the more you can get. Oh almost forgot there is free merchandise also, check the front of your SU catalog p.16 for amounts.
So contact me today so I can set you up.
You can also have a book party if you, like me are busy shuttling the kids and what not.
Don't forget you can order 24/7 from my demo business web-site.
And set up a play date.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Look Ma NO Ribbon!!! ONLINE ORDER!!!

So hard for me not to use ribbon. But I'm learning to simplify my cards for easier teaching at my Workshops. Had to get away from making Christmas cards and try for Halloween...Think I'm a little backwards. Well there is a method to my madness.
You have to love our markers. WHAT!!!! you don't have them. Welllll you can now order them from my site at the top of this blog 24/7
Don't fret... once you order and they come, call me and we will set a date at my house and I'll
show you, besides the usual, all the special ways our markers can be used.
If you order anything from my site..Please call me when it comes in and we will set a play date. to stamp.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom's a Big Shot "60"

Made my Mom a card for her 60Th Using the new Carousel Notes and the Big Shot circle scallops. Lilli would be very upset if I didn't tell you her Idea's for the card. Usually when I stamp she has to sit right beside me and give her 2 cents worth. A lot of times her ideas make sense. A great stamper in the works and she's only 5. Well, she told me it looked plain and needed more on the outside...like glitter, she loves that. I almost did it to. But she was playing with my signo pen...so hence the little squiggles came in to play, just what the card needed.
The second scallop is actually a card that I folded and put it slightly below the top of the Big Shots larger circle scallop...a scallop card is created. This can also be done with the Top Note Die.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanna...is coming!&All My Children!

Oh she's gone. I'm talking about tropical Storm Hanna. She just gave our area in VA, the rain we really needed. There was some wind, but nothing to do any damage. Sorry I haven't posted lately. The first week of school was like no other I've ever had. The Bus runs actually went great. It's the life thing that went to bedlam. But I wont post about the GIANT busy-ness my Mommy Life has become...lets just say my kids DVD collection in my car is growing. Do they make door hangers for DVD's for cars? Alex is home from A school and is Stationed on the Eisenhower here in VA. So now I have All My Children back. For his safety I will not post his Pic. I'm soooo proud of him.

Well I have been working on quite a few things and will post those soon...just got the Big Shot, really haven't played with it yet. But plan on it today.