Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The End! Holla

Just a Few Playing around Cards that have been sitting around.
Some are retiring with either Card Stock or Stamp sets.
Today ends the 2009-2010 Catalog, so if anything is needed or wanted call me Now!
If you need the Lists, Holla, I'll send them on again.
I can say any and all retiring paper and Ink are Gone! So Sorry.

This card below was a Birthday Card from my friend and fella Demo Lorrie...isn't it Cute.
I especially love her stamp on the back, Check it out.

Have a Great Wednesday,
Tomorrow starts the new Catalog...
What cha goin to order?
Unfortunately these cannot be ordered...I love how Stampin'UP!®
Looks out for all us Stampers when it come to Quality.

  • Watercolor Wonder Crayons: All Watercolor Wonder Crayons have been delayed due to a relocation of the supplier. These items are in production, however, and will be coming soon.
    • 119802 - Watercolor Wonder Crayons, Subtles
    • 119803 - Watercolor Wonder Crayons, Regals
    • 119804 - Watercolor Wonder Crayons, Brights
    • 119805 - Watercolor Wonder Crayons, Neutrals
    • 120949 - Watercolor Wonder Crayons, New Color Kit
  • Punch Caddies: As noted on page 200 of the catalog, our Punch Caddy storage containers will be coming soon, but are unavailable for July 1. We will share more information with you on this product as it becomes available.
    • 121053 - Punch Caddy S, M, L
    • 121055 - Punch Caddy L
    • 121056 - Punch Caddy XL
    • 121054 - Punch Caddy Borders & Corners
  • Stampin' Pastels: Due to a development issue from the supplier, the new Stampin' Pastels have been delayed. They are, however, currently in production and will be coming very soon.
    • 120962 - Stampin' Pastels
    • 120963 - Stampin' Pastels, New In Color
  • Rub-Ons: We have experienced quality problems with our new Rub-Ons, and unfortunately these will not be available immediately. We are working on some potential solutions so that you may not experience much of a delay, but we will keep you updated on any changes in this situation.
    • 119250 - Rub-Ons, Bday Party
    • 119249 - Rub-Ons, Holly & Jolly
    • 119975 - Rub-Ons, Vintage Type
    • 118760 - Rub-Ons, Play Date

Monday, June 28, 2010

WARNING...Interpret any way you want!!!!!!☺

It's errand day....
NOT! we are at the dentist though then going to the Beach...
Want to come?
This Easy Peasy Card was done for one of My Wed Therapy Swaps a while ago.
Do you have the Big Shot????
Way to go if you do & Why Not? If you don't
So many possibilities to Fast and Simple Cards using the Big Shot.
What else is there.....A Cricut maybe..."Umm Honey I want One, Me Love You Long Time HE HE"
 I had a Great Crack Me Up Moment from a blog I Follow of a Very New Demo (Red Monkey Scrapper)
She told her husband she "Loved Him" and that a Gigantic SU box was coming tomorrow, her starter kit.
I actually Interpreted it a little different than want I think she meant, OK so I have a slightly some what Warped Mind...but it got me thinkin...
I so Do that too...Let's just say He (hubby) has become good friends with our UPS Man. 

I Love him regardless...
he's just happy to get that extra Lovin when a box is coming.
So on that note why not tell your Hubby this story and You'd like to join.
No it's not bribery...just some extra Lovin☺
Heres a current special for a 99.00$ Starter Kit- Check it out Here
Hurry ends Wed June 30.

more to come this week.

Friday, June 25, 2010

MDS...and the Maid.

A little late, thought I had Pics of the other things I had done...I didn't.
Remedied that and they will be up next week.
In the mean time here are some My Digital Studio Pages created a while ago.

Decided since it's 100 degrees and over this week to go ahead and rehire the maid...she's such a slacker.
She did no Spring cleaning, so Summer cleaning it is.
She and her child laborers, cleaned, organized and are about to donate 5 bags of stuff to Samaritan House.
The child laborers have grown so much in this past year, nothing fits.
The maid is happy to say she has not grown but shrank☺
And just plain does not wear half the stuff she is donating.
 Now the summer fun can begin.

Have had no inclination to stamp at that bad?
My Mojo is not gone, the ideas are a poppin in the air filled head all the time 
and going to a rapidly filling up note book.
Just don't feel like it.
Any good Stamping Therapist out there?
Have a Good Weekend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

End of Lisa's Wednesday therapies

Last Wednesday was the last Shoebox Swap at Lisa's
Here are most of the ladies I did this with for the past SU Year, minus my good friend Gina and of coarse I'm taking the pic...Will Miss my bi-weekly swap Therapy.
I could not stay (it being a half day and Lilli's EOY Party) was bringing some Thank You cards and some Birthday Presents.
A Quickie using a new Level One "Because I Care"
Poppy Parade Ink and Pear Pizzazz Paper with a little Early Espresso1/8 Taffeta Ribbon
Gifts for 3 of the ladies.
Happy Wednesday...Oops I told Ya!☺

Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 10...The Last.

Here's Alex's page....such a proud Mama.
These were pics he took on his "first" 08-09 deployment, of the Suez Canal and the Peace Bridge 
AKA Friendship Bridge, there's other names for it just keeping it simple.
Such an Awesome site to see this floating city (aircraft carrier)of more than 5000 men and women pass under a bridge. Alex an OS is on the bridge, the top part of the ship. He said there is only about 3 to 5 feet between the tallest part of the ship and the bottom of the bridge during low tide.
My Favorite page and the most Fun.
For Captain I actually used my own handwriting then cut it out, learned this on the Studio Calico site.
The Stars are actually a circle chain...take a 5x5 square piece DSP or card stock and do this....
 Make since... the smaller stars on the die work the best.

I keep forgetting...
Please visit the other Almost Artisans some are already done showing their works of art,
some are starting now.

This week while I'm being a Beach Bunny, Cruising on my Bike, Visiting some old Friends lazing on the deck with some Great Vino and catching up.Some cleaning might be thrown in there some where.
The maid Might take off too!!!! HE HE
You get to see a Hodgepodge of stuff...I might even wish ya a Happy whatever day it is.
Love to You All!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 9

This Scrap Page Submission Came with a little help from classes I took on-line with
Kelly Purkey, You'll have to look her up. 
I love her style, color choices, layouts and her awesome pics, of which are of her everyday life.
Her first class called Beginning focused on, pulling colors from the photos, using your supplies as inspiration, finding inspiration in your everyday lives and using scrap magazine and books.
The second class was all about sketches so AWESOME.

Now this and the next page might be the reason only cause of the rules....
"Artisan Award run between Jan 1 - April 20...yadda yadda yadda. Only current catalog, mini and Sale-a-Bration supplies can be used"
This is the short version...well my interpretation is/was, Fall/Winter mini did not end till Jan 3....
Using the Black & White DSP from the Fall/Winter mini  on this page and the next was perfectly fine, right!
Oh Well!

Today is the last day of school!
Monday will be my last Artisan Post and my favorite of all my pages. For the rest of the week I'm posting a whole lot of samples and Gifts that have been done for the past couple of weeks.
With as little convo as possible.
Some cleaning and kiddo fun stuff is in order (not necessarily in that order)
Short & Sweet.
The AWESOME technique Video is being postponed, cause I submitted the AWESOME card that goes with it, so I need to wait.

Have a Great Weekend!
Happy Fathers Day to My Awesome Male readers, Love Ya Guys!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 8

A staged photo with my new camera...
And believe me the photo is awesome just can't tell in this photo.

One Morning I was eating some Dark chocolate espresso beans reading the Camera Manual and hear
Lilli in her, she thinks it's a whisper voice, telling on me to her Daddy,
"mommies eating chocolate for breakfast."
After a giggle and a peek around the corner for a smirk from my Husband, 
I knew what my first page was going to be about.
So I rolled out some beans dropped a pretty flower from it's vase, knock the (after I finished it) now empty cup over.
Played with F-stop, aperture, shutter speeds in the C, M ,A, S, P dials just to see what would happen and you know what, the best Pic came from Auto.
I gave a hoar ed chocolate bean to Lilli (she had no clue) and shuttered... knew it was going to waste.

Scrap Booking is a little new to me the whole Paper Crafting world by way of Stampin' UP!® was introduce a little over 2 1/2 years ago, and I mean World!...hold on! need to wipe the drool from my mouth.

I knew what Scrap Booking was about just did not think I would be interested.
Card Making....ummm a perfectly good store around the corner sells them already made, but alas
No satisfaction or sense of accomplishment in a Grab and Go!
My being an artsy  person thought paper beneath me. 
Painting and beading were my thing, still love to do them. 

This was an 8x8 changed to an 8 1/2 X 11
Add my Bean photo...a little sarcastic wit in the title and journaling and I was sticking it to those judges, cause there was a little of me in this page, it was the first done, can't you tell.
They get a little better, but nothing of what I can do now.
Tell you more about why next.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 7

Woo Hoo Last week of school, 
we are a Big Tourist town here at the beach so we actually start after Labor day, plus our School system feels we need to go a whole 3 extra days to stay "Ahead of the Curve"...
That's a Sarcastic Quote, can you say BURNOUT! & OVER IT!

Put me in My Balloon Card and Take me Away!
The Balloon is Fabric and my attempt to sew in a circle, not perfect, but I loved them and 
after 4 attempts at circle sewing, I was ready to jump in the first and float away.

I cut out the clouds from the Sweet Pea Pack (2010 Spring Mini)
Trendy ya think.... I can say there are no cloud stamps in the new 2010-2011. Sigh!
But The Designer Series Paper is.....Far Out!
Coming July 1.
Have a Great "Take Me Away" Monday.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 6

A Super Fantabulously Fun card...
Like I said I wish Stampin' UP!® would come out with some more Funny saying Stamps.
But I guess some other company's will have to do.
There's a story behind this and I will let you know more later.

Another short post, I'm quite glad for not winning now cause it gave me 10 post I did not have before.
With the end of School near, being a room mom and employee of said school system things get quite hectic.
I have some New 2010-2011 Catty Goodies still in packages that are calling my name, "Sam....Sam....Sam...
Come play with us"...Oh I will!
I have a super Fun technique Video I filmed before AA and will have that up after some edits.

Have a Super Duper Fantabulous Weekend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 5

My Funky shaped card.
Real simple and can be found Here Free.
Lots to do this week so a very short post.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 4

 The first card done, and it was almost rejected too. 
I did this one in Jan, and when Stampin' UP! announced it's color renovation
there were only two returning colors on this card.
Now that the retired list is out almost everyone of my cards and Scrap Pages have a lot of retiring elements.
Could this be the reason....I really do not care anymore.
 I cannot wait and am excited to see the entries of those chosen,
cause I know they are Extraordinary!
But you have to be in Utah in July to view them, of which I will be, but first let me,  
draaaggggg ooouttttttt 2 moooore weeeeekks of ssssschoollllllll. EWWW!

Yeppers, my Vac Cay away from domestic duties, with some awesome stampy friends doing what I love.
Memento mall, meeting new friends, and jabbering with others.
Hooky on "some" classes is in order.
Visits to places I did not get to see the last time I was there, any Utah Friends have some...
"not your typical place must sees" 
Any suggestions are Welcome.

Visit the other AA BLOGS

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 3~

Now on to my cards...I really Have no Faves for these I loved them All.
This one was a Night Before, I mailed them off submission.
Remember this one...Rejected....
This Purple Beauty replaced it.

What's my style? I have been asked this many times.
And have a post about it here
My answer............... Sam Style.
I have no style....really. Scroll through this Blog.
 You will see that in all my AA Submissions.
Now if Stampin'UP!® had more Humorous saying word stamps,
   I'd be all over that.
Humor just makes us all smile.

This Submission could be called Vintage.. to me Vintage is lace, Botanical's, Art Deco, Victorian.
This to me is Grunge, with a little vintage thrown in...singing Nirvana, sing with me
"I'm so happy.... cause today I found my friends..."

I love inky fingers make quite a lot of my cards become Grungy☺

I didn't send in Submissions of different styles that's just the way I roll already.
Need to know what was used...Contact me.

Check Out the Other Amazing Almost Artisans

Have A Great Weekend Friends!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 2.... My Fav 2!

My other 3D...A Wall Hanging, this one took me forever to do. 
I made one, which was bigger than this one, it has 2 birds and Welcome on it, it took me a whole day, and this is when I discovered the bleach and cord buttons thing. Yep very Proud of my self.

Was showing the hubby with a GREAT BIG GRIN....

Let me interrupt real quick with a short story and explain a little somethin' about me. Mom, both sisters and all female family members even the ones I married into, are seamstresses in their own right. 
I was the art, drama, and band geek. 
I have always wanted to learn to sew just could not find the time...then comes along this Chicken Scratch Chic. Yep you all know her as Angie Juda (♥her) and she shows how easy it is to sew making purses with the Big Shot.
 UMMM! Purse Junkie right here,
I'm so going to make one of those, went out and bought a cheap full size Machine.
Almost a Full spool of G├╝termann's Thread in the Garbage later,
My first Bag was done and I was HOOKED.
Now granted that bag will probably fall apart, but I did not care.
I could now say I was Fully Domesticated....

 Sorry bout that, back to hubby. 
.....With a GREAT BIG GRIN,
"Niiiiice, but the Welcome is Crooked"
I didn't care...They would know it was made with love.
Reading the AA Rules again, "made with love" was not a criteria. 
Next day This one entered was made in half the time.
I still would not recommend you eat at my house either.
Foods have names like Sausage Surprise, Mom's Mud Muffins, Experimental Eggs or Guinea Pig Goulash.

Check out the other Amazing Almost Artisans.

Have A Domestically Good Wednesday!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 1.... My Fav!

                                                 Welcome to my Almost Artisan Entries
Since I did not win you get to view them early....
those of you who visit regularly know how I post, those of you who are new Welcome. Here's a Time Saver Tip, I suggest if you do not have a Reader (click for a way cool video on what a reader is all about) to Subscribe or Facebook Friend Me (BottomRightSide) my blog is integrated to my Facebook page and Subscribing delivers to your email.
Why....I do not post everyday, also the CHECK ME OUT tab has more info.

I'm going to start with my Favorites and work my way to Maybe this is why.
3D is what I'm good at, I had so many ideas floating around my air blown head, I had to narrow it down to what I thought the judges would like to see.

Lets Play some Tropical Tic Tac Toe
Using the On Board Batch Of Blooms p185 of the IBC, it's quite large 9x9,
Island Oasis DSP, sheet metal and a magnet sheet for the Game pieces are the main Ingredients.
And Way to many more to list.
The handles are Red & Orange Bead Duo's p180 and Linen thread.
I create some bigger chipboard leaves and some magnet leaves for a place to store the game pieces between moves. Stand is a lightly scored piece of raw chipboard, that I bent slowly to loosen the fibers of the board, so it would not rip, then covered.

Well What do You think?
It being a short week I'm posting tomorrow and Friday, then back to my regular Mon,Wed & Fri Posts, see you need a reader. Only go to the blogs you love when they update. Hopefully you'll keep me in yours.
Have a Great Monday
Check Out all the Other Great Almost Artisan's

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