Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Never Posted.....Have A Happy New Year!

 Just A Few I never got around to posting....
This top card was our Family Christmas Card 
everyone in the Family either cut, glued, stamped, or did something for this card!
I thought it turned out GREAT!
Have a Safe and Happy New Year!
See Ya Next Year!
Hugs and Loves

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Gift to You...From A Latte Stampin

A New Template... Hobby Horse Candy Cover.
I have several Samples of these made just have not had the time to take a picture
Use all Year Round with any item/candy that will fit.
or Go to SHARING♥ Tab Up Above.

Down below are some Not so quick Gifts...HE HE! That's A Sarcastic he he!
The Five Point Stars I mean, the Cookie Cutter Fudge was super fast and Super Yummy!
The stars Take a Little time... cutting and scoring
Lilli and I made a BIG one for our tree this year, I'll get a picture soon...
Here's the template, there is also a Sizzix die, if you can find it, that will make it easier for you,
unfortunately I do not have it.
It's not of my design I found it on the web.

Back to the Last Minute grind....Of which I'm not Sweating,
cause the parking god is on my side. Now if she would talk to the checkout god....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sew Happy....

Stampin' UP!® is coming out with a whole suite of sew cute stamps, fabric, paper, and accessories!
A Little sneak peek of "oh SEW Suite", from the, soon to release Occasions Mini.
This cabinet, no longer have it BOO HOO), was For the Inky Angels & Inked Blessings X-mas party.
Found the cabinet at the thrift store filled with Linkin-logs, for only 2.00$ CHA CHING Again!

Here's some Deets....

Painted it here and there with brown and green craft paint, then applied, with sponge brushes, Aileen's Tacky Glue to these spots in one direction and immediately with the top coat color in another direction.
Worked like a dream and cheaper than the actual crackle paint.

Pin cushion section, using some Sweet Stitches fabric and the Sew Suite Stamp set.

Buttons and more section,
and a little clothes line, really can hang some fabric Samples and more from it.

Scissor Section, this is hanging by a wooded piece and a fun button on top.
Stamped the Tape measure from the set for a little accent.
The tape measure clear stamp is very long and must be put diagonally on a block.
When you get this set...of which I know you will. You will see what I am talking about.☺

A miniature cross and cork board.

Some thread and Cross stitch floss to use on your projects.
The Whole cabinet is use-able.
* just a slight note...there is no sewing on this, it is all the
Sweet Stitches fabric, Anywhere glue stick, and a Hot Glue Gun☺
Alicia C. an avid sewer, stole this awesome piece, and it could not have gone to a better home.
I thought about saving and entering it in the 2011 Artisan Awards. But have decided not to enter this time.
I'm terrible at keeping works of art a secret and not sharing.
So I will share away....
Have a Great Weekend

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Quick Deco....Matter of Fact...

This is going to be a quick Post....

Rolled Designer Paper Tree's...
And $ store frame with my Fave DSP and Hot glued Ornaments!

Quick and Simple!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Love Tags....

I Love Tags...
This is a pic taken in the revamped light box and instead of re-doing this post,
I did A Fast Video.  Like I say in the video I'm not a professional Photographer, well.....
I'm certainly not a professional Cinematographer, especially with Flip
he's a good friend though!
Need to know about the tag...you know what to do.
*This Video is now in the Video Tab up top.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thrifty Word of Advice....

Make sure your intention's of what your buying it for works before you go and alter it!
Meaning...I planned on making "what ever this thing was" a magnetic Advent Calender.
After completely creating all the days and decorating this, whatever this thing is, and proceeding to hot glue the magnets on, I realized they did not stick....UGH!
OK re-think part.....Oh these cute little clothes pins scattered all over my messy work space.
Always another way.

I bought this, whatever it may be, thing a while ago, 
actually 2 of them for 1/2 off the original price, Cha Ching!
I knew these would make awesome advent calenders, didn't know what I was going to do to em, just stewed a bit and just started working...final results a retro piece of art!

Lilli asked why it's not red and green, this is where I go into a convo about "Stepping out of the Box"
Yadda Yadda Yadda and who whats to be normal all the time!
Little does she know it matches our home decor already, blending nicely and normally☺

By the way anyone know what this piece was? 

Have a Great Weekend!♥