Monday, December 26, 2011

Homemade sometimes needs some age...

Home made vanilla...yummy. 
These were suppose to be last years X-mas gifts, some were packaged prettily and given, the others, 20 bottles in all still sit waiting to be beautified. Actually the longer they sit the better, receipt...

3 Vanilla Beans to 1/2 cup of your Best Vodka Slice beans open, I recommend you chop in fourths so vodka always covers the beans (exposed to air they will mold) Let sit in dark place 4 to 6 months before use.
I get my Beans from My Spice Sage plus they send you a free sample and their prices were perfect!

Yep after a long long hiatus from blogging. I am coming back to show you crafty stuff.

All crafts blend and mesh nicely. I'm not a "stick to one thing kinda gal". I love to change it up...a lot!
Changes happen everyday, sometimes the best changes start with yourself...
 exposing yourself to "Happy" is a great start.

Prepare Yourselves...and Thank You for sticking around!
Makes me Happy, going to return the Favor!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Miss Ya...

 Letter Press with a kiss...
Subway art personalized for my redone craft room/Scentsy office...LOTS of pics soon.
I'm in Love with my new space and wish I had done this in the I need a door of which the Stud is taking his sweet time getting...he's afraid I'll never come out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a Re-Share...Markers Clear Cases!

 While I know most of you are preparing your Spaces for a New Catalog release...I know I do!

I'm re-posting this awesome idea I Did Last Year for organizing your Markers and more


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharing What I Love...Marker Clear Case Inserts!

So excited...
finally finished one project I started...recruit video next!
Stampin' UP!® has a great case for when you purchase the full set of Stampin' Write Markers 119806.
I never had the case, only cause I still have some of the original marker Stampin' UP! started with (sister gave to me) and they did not come in the cool case they do now.
BUT! I think these cases are just as cool.
I purchased the empty Clear-Mount Stamp Cases 119105 Stampin' UP! Offers for 4.95$
To store my markers. Easy for Transport also.

I created some covers to insert for easy Identification.

So I'm Sharing it in a Goggle Doc Link.

Print it up in a Better Quality for better color, Directions on the first Page, of which you will cut off so don't throw them away☺
Any Question or need some Clear Mount Cases Email 
                                                 or Comment! Yes Copic also fit in these cases.
*Note a Create Your Own and Supply Insert Link has been added. Click Here to Go to my SHARING♥ Page, up top!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty & Functional

 Found an awesome dresser with a broken bottom drawer at a local Habitat Thrift store snagged it for...20$
Guess what I found out to was Old and made of a red wood (not stained that color)
and I painted it. I know I know!
How do I know (I'm no expert, I just liked it and the price) A Good friend who is an expert, cried after I showed her, I almost joined her. I did put up a good front of some simulate of a sad face...just to excited to get it up in my now Girl Room. Lilli has joined forces against all the men in this house, to have a space to create! We even took over a part of the Garage, HA!

 A Curtain Rod found on long ago. Add some Cafe Clips and you have yourself a cheap way to clip up you stickers, rub-ons and anything else (dried/drying herbs, photos, child art...)
 Another find in Clearance @ TJ Maxx add some Ikea Dignitet Curtain Clips another place to hang you stash and it's pretty!

Since the bottom drawer was busted I removed the second drawer and made them shelves.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seeing Things

Just some cards I did Earlier this year...
But I love this set especially the Dog Wood Tree or some may say Cherry Blossoms.
It's all in how ya look at it, I grew up with Dog Woods all over where I live, (waiting on the Magnolia Stamp),
and they look just like this stamp right when they are starting to bloom.
I love how many can see something in a stamp, other than what it actually is and make many uses of it.
Which stamps do you see something other than what it is?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love Everyday

These past few months have been the biggest Life challenges so far in my "almost" 40 Years of life...
On Thursday My Mom Underwent another surgery to replace her 1st Hip Replacement..yeah she has 2 that need to come out, 1 down and the worse. 
This past year has been the worse for her, after she was laid off, she went into a big slump with lots of pain and a whole slew of other ailments. So I had her join Scentsy with me to get her out and about (she loves my crafts and cards, just easier to enjoy mine than do them her self).. Scentsy is a  Direct Selling company of Wickless Candle Scents and easy to do, so it was perfect for her...
But she still struggled, and I worried and ranted and pouted out of frustration, that she needed to keep active.
Now I know why (and feel awful) after her Doc took out a disintegrated hip replacement, UGH!

A New Obstacle...
Friday Lilli has an Accident and severely broke the arm bones near her was Gruesome, I was a Basket Case, she was my rock!
Now as the Shock wears off. I'm hers...with chocolate Ice Cream (fixes everything...I swear), meds, and pillow fluffing! We wait anxiously for next week, after the swelling goes down, what comes next.

♥Love the One's that matter the most...Everyday no matter what!♥
Only the Funny, Informative,and Awesome Samples & Ideas from now more explanation.

So I leave you with this non-paper craft..cause who doesn't need things like these.
I love to entertain and as you know I'm a curb find and thrift store Stalker!
So when ya need some cheap food display or  for anything really, we use them for our  
A great Glass Glue comes in handy and can be found at any craft or hobby store.

Who Loves Cake Plates...
 Some plates and anything that can be used as the base, I used vases and upside down Bowls.
Who Loves Candy Dishes...
 Some candle holders (I went wickless) and Glass vases.
AA HA! Don't throw them out re-purpose them.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy Memorial Day!
Just a few signs/wall decor I have finished.
The top one was a gift for a very good Friend's Birthday. 
It's hard to see, but the "STAMPING" part, cut using the Big Shot and the serif dies...
are some SU papers...

This was the first sign I made and the guinea pig for all the others. I was going for Old Timey/Vintage....and still working and experimenting with that. The second sign(a reason for being away)
For Alex my oldest, his new house bought, repainted and fixed up by us all and....His just recent Marriage, to Liz, an awesome new addition to the Woodruff "Fudge" Family!
I Love her Dearly and she Scrapbooks (another Bonus!) HEHE!

I'm hoping to acquire a Silhouette Soon..HINT HINT HINT Honey! For more Letter fonts! 
Otherwise I will stick to the methods I have been using....Here I will show you:
 If you don't have an awesome die cutting or the "just right letter die", find a font on the computer you love...expand it to fit your board,and print it up. 
Trace the back with a charcoal pencil, a black colored pencil works also.
Place it where you want it, a little tape, and using your bone folders....rub!
Paint it in.
Old Timey/Vintage...means you can mess up and it will still looks great!
Also hit up your Habitat Thrift Stores and the cut bins in your Hardware Stores, sometimes you can get boards for Free or Pennies!
More signs to show later....

Friday, May 27, 2011

While I've been away....

I have a lot to show you all, and the next few post will explain my absence.
A little redo of me...
began with a little health scare at Christmas, it's little now cause luckily it amounted to nothing but a big headache. An accident recently
involving a visit to a Dr. McDreamy (are you familiar with the doc's on Grey's Anatomy)
some changes in between I made happen, things I have been longing to do again and have.
It's a book, so I will not bore you all at once.
But I will say this "This is a no Cortisol Zone" Seriously!

Now to the biggest decision I made this year, if you have not noticed yet....
Yes, I am no longer an SU DEMO!
It was the hardest change I made, but  I will be back, when the time is right.
For now, I will still do my blog and yes SU (cause that is all I really have) products
will be the main show here, 
I  have other awesome projects to show some involving organization of all my craft and SU stuff!
YEP! another stamp cave redo.
This time I went for pretty-it being functional was a plus.
Mommies  room!
As always going to keep it short...

The projects/birthday presents above-
Branches wired together, floral foams cut in half and a lot of punching (Small oval & Boho)
Styrofoam glue and straight pins.
Need to know know what to do!

Sunday, May 22, 2011