Friday, July 31, 2009

Stamp Cave Part II

Here's another part...I'm able to fit a 8 foot table in here for small classes. Still use my large table down stairs for the bigger ones.
I like being up here for the smaller classes what usually ends up happening is what once was organized becomes mass chaos.
All my stuff ends up coming out and we all have a great time.
I love watching others creates and looking at others creations.
Now I will not show you the other side only cause its Alex's boxes. When they are gone I will show you the rest.
To all my Demo friends going to Convention...Hope to see you!
To those not going...I will show you what I came home with!
To my friends who are not Demos, you could be and going with me!
Maybe next year.
Next weeks post will be what I'm swapping each day...Then I have to warn and tell you my posting will drop off. To prepare me and the kids for the return of school, but who knows I could of gotten things done so well this summer I might surprise ya.
Don't forget Without Breaking the Bank Ends Aug 12.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

We interrupt this scheduled program, to be a proud Momma!

Yep he comes Home Today!
This sign is quite BIG. The top letters are the Big Shots Serif.
Hope he sees it.
With 5000+ sailors and 10 to 20 thousand proud Wives, Mothers, Fathers...etc.

Thank You Susan for the use of your Cricut, have to get me one of those.
I did not have this post scheduled, but tomorrows is and it continues the Stamp Cave.
Sorry for the interruption...
No I'm not!
Just being the proud Momma I am!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Stamp Cave!

Here's the desk, quite a large one actually just hard to see in the pic.
Soon I hope to have Alex's TV out so I can have a flat screen that I can watch TV and plug the Computer in. Just add a wireless mouse and key board and I can say good bye to that Monster Monitor, more room for more stuff!
That computer is not hooked up yet. I'm down stairs on our main computer. Have that feeling my husband does not want to hook it up, me thinks he's afraid I'll never come out.
I might not.
I have a great plan for the large dry-erase board on the wall, to get my self even more organized and make it a large calender, have the stuff to do it, just haven't got to it. So much for organized!
And of coarse all the stuff crowding my feet, that's to go in the closet, only its packed with Alex's things, I guess I can wait. Love you Sweety.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Babies ....are everywhere! Do not drink our water!;)

A quick post...I made this Adorable Frame for a new baby.
It's not using all SU materials, GASP! And it's using retired colors. And I sewed!
Makes me want to break out in song, but only the part...
"wont my Mommy be so proud of me"
It's a private joke some would just not understand.

I just fell in love with some coordinating 12x12 papers I found. Bought each one.
I didn't get pictures of the other things I made. But have 2 more babies to come so I will be making them again, just different sexes I hope.
Hint Hint...cause I have some great boy paper!But I think I can make them look like girl.
So you will be seeing more baby posts.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

On a Quest~3D Part III...

I love this one... very easy and useful, only it's way to big to pack for convention.
I did this one kinda fast also, just to try it, notice the upside down Flamingo.
I actually had a class right before X-mas using this.
Works good for lite items you would want to give.
For the handle I used the Faux Alligator Skin Technique from Jackie Topa, Love her, check out her great blog.
I found this bag here. Thank you Carlos Molina.
Even though it is cute and useful, its not packable.
So this one also will not be going with me.
Now I think I found the perfect easy peasy, packable 3D, but of coarse you will have to wait till I get back.
For the next week I will finally show you some pretty art I did for a new baby and my stamp room/office. It is still not finished. Will it ever be. My Navy son(had to throw in the Navy proud) still has a lot of his stuff in parts of it, so that's not space I can use until it's gone.
That just means I get to keep him just a little bit longer. Which at this moment I'll take cause when he gets home from his 1st deployment at the end of this month, I'm sure he'll do something to make me want that space real bad. Love you sweety!
Check out the deal of the week &
Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On a Quest~3D Part II...

This weeks post will only have 2.
I found a lot of great templates for 3D's but have run out of time to try them. So that will be more posts for me to show you later and we all know how slack I can get in my postings. I'll share my feelings on that at another might be a story some of you will not like and more of you will understand.

I really need to get to finishing my swaps for convention.
This 3D was quite quick after I re sized it.
My printer or computer sized it wrong.
I found it here!
It was fun but not quite the 3D swap I was looking for.
It can actually hold post it notes or 3x3 cards.
Remember I told you in previous post some are just me trying them out. No time to make a proper one, but still wanted to show you.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

On a Quest....

In my Quest to find the most perfect, easy-peasy, transportable 3D Swap for Convention.
I have come across the cutest templates, I have even bought some, of which you will see soon and a class for you and my demo friends is in the works.

So starting today I will show you what I have done.
Bare in mind some are just trying the template out and were thrown together in haste (the ADD kicked in)
If you see one you really like let me know and we will do a class.

This one is a small purse template I found on Splitcoast and cannot remember who did it ( I was printer happy ) if you know tell me please.
I changed a few of her specs to make the ribbon go thought the whole top and tie in front, do not look at my bow...sometimes I tie it right and other times....
I colored the half pearl from the pretties kit with a sharpie.
Need to know more just ask.

Have a Great Weekend!
And think about joining my team.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thanks For The Great Year to Come...Did You Miss it?

Well to bad, here it is and it was Free!
We made Mel's Bucket Handbag with 3 3x3 thank you cards.
Using.....drum roll please~ Medallion, Nouveau Chic DSP, and the Big Shots Originals Blossom Party. Oh and the reverse of the Lattice Die.
Real easy and it was free, did I say that already.
Keep an eye on my events I have a few that are FREE! and some priced just right!

*First Installment of Without Breaking the Bank is up.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Your Invited to a....

Yep that's the new Bigz Lattice...yep that's the new Sizzlit Floral Fusions (why I got these, not sure at the time but now see more potential)
Yep that's some new in-colors with some old. I got to tell you I wasn't sure about this color combo.
But, BOI! does my camera work make it look good. Lets see Curry, Durango, Soft Suede, Garden Green, Not Quite Navy and some Vanilla. It actually looks good in person too. Come see.
I'll tell ya soon with a tutorial why my pics are turning out better even with a cra$%#y camera.

I'm going to be having lots of invite classes. Some to be scheduled.
Weddings, Birthdays, all occasions. Formal, Fun and Flirty!
Check out my events to see which one fits for you or have your own.
Contact me for details.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Which day am I missing??

This is not the original picture to this post, this post was done a few days ago. Its actually Thursday night and I just played, with 2 new background stamps, Medallion and French Filigree, as you can see. But you still will not see it till tomorrow. Hey I am showing something.
Post options and me will confuse you.
Well to explain my self I removed the original photo here and a few posts down in HOPES...well I think that's all I'll say, HOPES! Hope with me please.
So here's how the original post went...

"Its Friday!
That means I got my first order Yesterday, unfortunately, camps and Dr appointments start on Thursday and today.
So nothing to show till Tuesday, then I will show the coolest FREE project you missed (Unless you were there) from Mondays
Thank You for the...GYTC !"

So since I am posting today...don't forget Monday night my house 7:00
My first post for Without Breaking the Bank is up.
Have a great Weekend!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Razzle is finding it Hard to put the new incolors with others so they will dazzle!

Yeah that's a long title...
if you are like me change takes a while to get use to, especially color!
But the more you play the more you will find combos you like.
Go to my side bar for SU In-Color Combos or...
If you check out my calender I have dates set aside for Stamp Fun.
I have to have samples to show, swaps for convention, yep I'm going, and with the holiday craft shows around the corner. I'm hard at work and color combos are popping up.
But whats more fun than stamping with friends, you can tell the kids your going to a play date. So give me a call if you would like to play with some new colors.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Inspired by that Page

Each one of these cards is inspired by a sample from the 2009-2010 catalog.
Just I used one stamp set, my goal this year...100 and 1 ways to use it. Hopefully more!
Come to my Thank You for A Great Year To Come Party, TYGYC for short.
July 13 7:00p~food~ M-&-T~ prizes!
Bring with you the pages of the inspirations of each of these cards and receive a gift!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NEW NEW NEW~I'm new too! Not

Just a quick Post
You can now order from The new 2009-2010 catalog. Visit my site click shop now.
I will have the measurements for this card soon in my tutorials. Along with a better view.
Notice I figured out the watermark (yeah I conformed to be like everyone else, cause watermarks are just to cool) LOL using a better version of paint called its actually a better version of Paint that is usually installed on your computer already. It reminds me of Phototshop and paint, mixed into one, but its a free download, so remember you get what you pay for.(some frustration)!
But as many of you that have followed my blog for the year I have been on, yes I realized it has been a little more than a year...Yea me!...
Back on subject, I really do not care if my stuff is copied, I actually feel privileged. But watch out I like to visits others work (said with an evil grin)
Now on that note, I have seen this Fancy fold card all over, it is usually made with a 12x12 sheet.
But Jan Tink came up with an A2 size. So if you would like to visit and get it from her right now click her name and I'll take you right to her, I will not have my simple directions up until tomorrow.
Check out the new Deal of the Week!

* Tutorial is now up...I finished my swaps, Click Tutorials at the top of the page under my morning coffee!