Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here is another great gift given to me by my Up line Melissa.
This is using the microscope slides...good luck finding them! And the great technique Melissa showed to all at the VB regional.
Hugs and A
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Off for a drive in the Mountains...

Which might not be a good thing!
I'm flying to Nashville TN Bright and early Sat morning to drive a U-Haul with a car towed behind, to bring My Aunt Back to eastern VA...so happy she is coming.
Just a little stressed over the drive, especially through the Mountains. I drive a Bus so it should be a piece of cake right, except I drive on flat (Near the beach) land. To top things off I can't turn my neck( slept wrong, stress, getting sick) have no idea why.
So Pray for me!!!
Now as promised, here is a look at one of the gifts my Up line Melissa gave me for my birthday.
The gorgeous one up above is her's, the one's below were made very Quickly for teachers gifts.
These were made with the square coasters and 4x4 cuts of designer paper with the current corner rounder punch, SU stamps, and small clip magnets found at office max, which if I had my circle scallop, let a dear friend borrow it, probably would of made the magnet look better. Add a very nice pen and WA La...Quick Gift!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shellebrate! With Craft watercoloring

I hated to color!
Yes You read right or I did, but now after VB Regional where they had us water color with classic and craft, which I think is the nicest out of all the water coloring that can be done from SU...pencils crayons markers.
Coloring with Craft Ink has a much richer effect.
You have to try it.
These two cards were more swaps with my sisters over seas. Hope they received them cause I just could not wait to show y'all. To impatient.
I was one of those kids that would search for my present. Now I lock them up for my own kids.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Oldy with some Goodies

These were cards sent to my sisters for a swap, when your stumped or overloaded like me.
You bring out the longest and best est stamp set of them all.
Lovely as a Tree
Well I don't own it, but every one I know does...Shocking isn't it.
Trying to use up all my X-mas stuff and that includes the rub-ons.
The top card is using the heat and stick powder and Dazzling Diamond all over for a great effect, or in my case to cover up some Boo Boos.
The bottom card is missing a reindeer, only because I put my rub-ons down and then put something on top of them, I'm a messy stamper...lets just say I messed up a corner of the page. So remember that, put them right away.

My Stat Counter has hit over 10000, yes I know why, but I have to say for this new Stamper and fairly new Demo (almost to my year mark) I like to think it's my creativity with color, like Mary Fish or the beauty of my projects like Beate's. But I'm a realist and I know it's only the markers you want to see. I'll take that... sooo on that note, the Movie will be out soon.
Love to you all!
More to show later!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

UGH!!!Dirty Santa

Last night I had my local demo group Christmas party, the Inky Angel's.
We were to bring a gift that could be sold for 20$ at a craft fair, to be given in the Dirty Santa way. Dirty Santa and me do not mix well.
That's a Life story and I won't bother you with the detail's.
I made this info center after seeing the one in the SU catalog p 114. Go ahead and look if you have the catalog, you know you want to.
The original board came with a fabric piece in the center that had the ribbon criss crossing on it, I removed it so I could add the metal dry erase board and cork.
I kind of ran out of time to help my husband with his gift too.
So I didn't get to cover the pen and add the push pins.
I laminated the calender so who ever got it could write with the dry erase on that also.
Tried to laminate all the items that go with the calender, for wear and tear purposes, but the laminate did not take well with the circles, don't know why.
To the right bottom is a sticky note pad and you could add a picture to upper left hand side.
Overall I though it turned out pretty cute.
Oh and Melissa if you want to remove the Stampin Part to get more room out the dry erase please feel free, She snagged my gift for the last and final time.
Here is what I snagged I was one of the last to go out of 30 something gifter's.
I actually had my eye on them right from the beginning, SORRY Cheryl!!!
Kind of hid it so no one could take it from me! SHH!
These were made by Saundra Moser.I absolutely loved them.
This is my current favorite background stamp.
I'm so sad to see this one on the retired list.
But, can't wait to see what they come out with next.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More to share!

Just some more things I had done for my fairs.
I have some beautiful cards to show you all but unfortunately I have to wait until the recipients get them first, do not want to ruin the surprise.
I Have been asked by MANY! for more details on the Markers.
So I am working on a video on how to do them , Stay Tuned.
Have a Happy week!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Back the way it should be!!!

Here's one craft fair table...this table was quite small and I had to delete one tree and fill up another, with the tags and hanging candy holders.
This one was a night one and quite successful.
Sold all of the cocoa cones and only had 3 of the lemonade ones left.*NOTE Oprah did not come up with these...who know who did it first anymore.
All of the punch pal candy in a previous post went. All the coasters.
They all loved the band aid tins and sold some but not all.
Cards galore! Tags sold too!

I made Table plus some more.
And quite a few contacts...that's my main goal. Make enough stuff to make table and supplies.
But to get people interested...that's the key.

Now on to the sad news...I'm taking off for the rest of the year.If you need supplies call me or order on-line through my web site.
Going to spend time, now that my craziness is gone, with my family. I will post my own stuff and more here and there and will visit all and leave comments when I can. I'm going to get my self organized and refreshed for the new year. To all my Sisters, you know who you are the cards are in the mail...Hugs To you that have stuck through this.
To my SCS group...thanks for all your lovely comments and inspirations, and to some Pay it Forward, hope you understand what this means.
Have a Very Merry Christmas ( cause this is what I celebrate)
a Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and
A Very Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Craft Fair Goodies!

These band-Aid boxes have tags in them and some of the non X-mas boxes have gum and certs. They smell so good when you open them.

Used some jars that I have had forever to put the covered peppermint patties in some use the scallop, some use the 1 3/4 round punch.

These little cuties were so simple just go get some disposable frosting decorator bags from M's
3.99 I think for 12 of them. Fill with lemonade or cocoa.

Let you know how it went later HUGS!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Craft Fair Sneek Peeks!

Here are some Craft fair goodies Ive been selling.
Punch Pal on some packages of Dollar store candies.
And some Quick and Simple Bookmark cards.
Show you table Pics later.

Visit everyone soon!
Have one more Fair this week. Then I'm done till Jan.
What did my fellow Demo Blogger's think of the sneak Peek?
Let me know.