Monday, March 2, 2009

Organize More!!!

I found these great stamp Pad and ribbon holders online. Mike the owner of Organize More makes these organizer and has many more to choose from they can even be hung on a wall and are very sturdy and the price with shipping was just perfect. No dowels through the ribbon so no removing the whole row just to get to one. My ink pad holder holds all 48 Stampin Up classic pads. I might need another just for the craft ones which I do not have all of YET! And they do not take up alot of space.
* Note -the link has been remove per IDA!
even though this post was way before that!

Here's my Hubby putting my new desk up
and some other ways to store your punches which I know you have all need to go to Ikea Mine is 5Hours away, shipping towel bars would have cost way to much, so Target it was. 10$ curtain rods and a not the guy under the desk, wall stud, a must. Those punches get heavy and I haven't ordered the new ones yet.
Well it is almost done and already a mess more to show soon.