Saturday, June 28, 2008


Here's a gift I made for a good friend's daughter's bridal shower, the daughter is also a good friend. I cased this from Splitcoast's HeatherN. Hers are absolutely beautiful. I just change some stuff and added a few things, and I did no masking , no time, which made it go very fast. Go check HeatherN's out.

I also made her a set of thank you cards that were very simple. Here's how I wrapped them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ive been Tagged!

Ive been tagged, thanks Lorraine "Paper Vernissage"check her out in the "places I go" over to the right. I am so new to this blogging stuff that this is so exciting for me. I look at many blogs silently until people started to leave comments on my own blog, and that felt great. Now I actually leave comments because I know how nice it feels to know someone is really looking. Well if you get the chance check out Lorraine's blog, I absolutely love her pictures and not just her cards and project. She makes me want to travel to Jersey just to check out her backyard.
I really do not have many to tag back and I'm sure you don't want to be tagged again Lorraine, but you have earned a space on my blog, of places I like to visit.

Here's the random things and hopefully I'll be able to tag you back in the future.

10 Years ago:
I just finished being an Auditor, had my second child, and decided to stay home, but became a bus driver to earn some extra money.
Weird! I'm not weird!
I secretly like to watch all the Star Wars movies, But always put up a slight stink to my DH.
This ones for you Lorraine, I adore all the Secretaries in all the schools I drive for.
I collect colored glass.
I knit the most gaudy scarves, but people love them anyways...go figure.
I have the biggest smurf collection...from when I was a kid of coarse

Swap Card -3D Stars

Here is the card I used for the swap made about 15, simple and easy to demo, especially if you do not have a lot of stamps or stamps for the seasons being this one for the 4Th or memorial.

The Stars are real easy:

Punch the Large Star out and punch your 1/8 hole punch right in the middle(a larger hole can be added later)
Use your foam piece from your mat pack, a ruler,and a stylus.
Create lines from the 1/8 hole punched to the end of each point of the star.
Fold each crease, add an accessory. *Dimensional can be added but not necessary, snail tape only the points!

Indecisive! And more 3D stars.

Here are my cards for our local Demos Swap (Inky Angels)These are not the ones I used you can see that card up above plus, how I did the stars on all of these cards. I'm so indecisive when it comes to swaps. As I said in an earlier blog I can never make up my mind and ask opinions. Waste of paper sometimes. But these will not be wasted and given away at some time. My next swap A card will be made and I'm sticking to it!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Good Morning. Have been in a slump, not in a stampin way by any means. Have a swap coming up, and have made about 5 cards. But none give me that tingly feeling. I'm to much of a perfectionist. Always want to wow them. I've learned that I can't ask opinions because they always have them, then I'm back to the beginning or a different idea pops up.Don't have enough paper for that. Any suggestions, there I go again asking an opinion.
Here's the other card that I planned for my first workshop. But I decided not to do it. Can't tell you why, only it was a wise decision.
I'll have those pics of the 5 cards up after the swap, tell you which one was swapped, then y'all can tell me which one needed to be used.

Monday, June 16, 2008

OH!! Forgot...Forgot!!

OH Forgot these two beautiful cards for two equally beautiful people, my principles, who are retiring and moving up. Any Questions?
And can you believe they are retiring this set Carte Postal!!!

So Cute!

Whoo Hoo!!! It's the end of the school year. This morning I slept till 7:30, that's late since I get up around 5:30, actually the alarm starts to go off. Love that snooze button, kudos the the inventor.
Now I have a week before summer school starts, so time to organize, paint and donate, not necessarily in that order. Here are gifts my son gave to his teachers for the end of the year. The boxes were filled with cards for their use. Got this template from a friend, who got it from her Up line, who got it from where I don't know, probably Splitcoast. So cute!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A/C Broke-100+ outside:(

Haven't posted on my blog lately as I was so kindly reminded by a good friend today. Been busy planning my first workshop which was a success.
I'll have those cards up soon need to take some pictures.
This is a card I made awhile ago<>
She knows I love her.
As you can see I used the WW pre scored card stock from a special Stampin' UP was having (ordered to many) And the Large and small oval punches.
The colluzle was used in the middle of the front and a frame added around that . The stamp set, Pun Fun, such a great stamp set to use . Then some extras as you can see.
I love fun and bright cards, they re just what any one needs to cheer you up.
As soon as My A/C gets fixed in this 100+ weather I'll be cheered up ( as I sit here sweating over the key board)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can You Say Round Coasters ;(

These were made out the round coasters from the restaurants.

I don't know about you but when the coaster craze started, I and my family were gobbling them up.

It seems the restaurants figured us out and changed the coasters to the round ones.

What were we suppose to do with these beside a round book. Well here's one way.

The word window actually punches thru these coasters, and the two upper pieces fit into it.
There are glass pebbles on the bottom to raise it up.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shocked-in a good way!

Today I was a shocked to see all the hits to my blog.

Thanks SplitCoast what a great community. So many wonderful people have emailed me and posted comments about the Accordion Wallets.

I really hope to see what someone else does with it. Since their such a hit I decided to hold a workshop on them. So if your near the Hampton Roads area and want to attend or even want me to ship a kit to you, for a small fee of coarse, let me know.

Go to my Demo web site over to the right, to find out the whens and wheres.

Now this card I did quite a while ago right before I got my kit, the card was suppose to be for a swap for our local Demos (Inky Angles) monthly meeting. It was my first meeting and I didn't quite understand their swap. So I made this and 20 of a different card. Where your suppose to show what cards you are swapping (one of the 20.) They send the most voted swap card to Stampin' UP.

This is actually not the original card , that's not 1/4 ribbon. I revamped it with all Stampin' UP products, and actually used the small star stacked in a line for the border under the folds instead of the scallop edge. That result was even more fabulous. I gave it to my wonderful upline, Melissa. She is always giving , so I give to her.