Friday, January 29, 2010

Simplest... But the Cutest!

A Wine Bottle Bag...
you thought it was going to be some extravagant creation.
Nope this is my absolute favorite and the quickest to make.
What better than to take your extra scallop squares (always have them) and
make a bunch for the
"quick I need a Gift to give now" moments.

Why not some wine in a pretty package.
I have come up with some solutions for the cold bottles.
Instead of a back fabric, use Laminated cotton, this is used for raincoats and place mats, and since our Big Shot Bigz dies cut through almost anything they cut through this also.
Add the batting in the middle and you have an insulated fabric.
*EDIT I used a white dollar store shower curtain & thicker batting for my first ones.
Also it is cheaper than Laminated Cotton :)
Just a tip for the sweating of a cold bottle.

Have a Great Weekend
and a Bottle of Wine!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 think Sam likes Coffee!& Face Book Friends

This one is quite fits my big shot, if that helps with a visual.
I did 6 side panels and 8 bottom panel, 2 SU raw chipboard sheet stabilize the bottom.
This is my signature bag for workshops and such.
I made a smaller version 4 panel front and back just for my swaps.
To make the smaller version stand up better I cut acetate sheets and add with the batting much more sturdier.

Fridays Bag is so cool I made this for a long lost best friend.
Can't wait to give it to her.
We reconnected on Face Book
My blog-updates automatically load on my Face Book page so if your friends with me, you know when I have updated, want to be friends click the Face Book Icon on the right at the Bottom.
Just put Stampin friend in the "leave a message section"
I love seeing whats happening in my stampin friends lives
and another way of seeing mine.
You can see pics of my family I will not put the younger ones here only because my blog is public, I have to accept your friendship with Face Book, so I'm a little more lenient.
Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, January 25, 2010


Yep it is....
I have made quite a few and finally one for me, that's Wednesdays post, plus I'm working on another for me and Lilli.
These are so easy and easy enough to make any size you want.

I agree with Angie, it's much easier with 3 fabrics.
You'll see why I say this on Wed
This is just 2 patterns of fabric with one solid color on the inside, this one is washed. But for some reason it did not do what I quite expected.
That's OK it still cute.
And in the store soon!
Happy Monday!

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Friday, January 22, 2010


Two more occasions mini cards...
The first is a card of another stampers (cannot remember if you know please, tell me and I will correct) that I fell in love with, she used another company's stamps of which I love, But I applied SU instead. Hey I'm a Demo for them after all.
*edit- I feel stupid the other stamper is Nichole Heady and it's her stamps she is using DUH!
You can view her card here
I did this card in Dec that was so long ago....BM (Before Medicine)HEHE
I gave some swaps of this to a friend to give at Leadership, I could not go :(
It uses Solid Stripes, of which you will see a lot of from me.
Super easy to do.
The next uses some awesome paper from the Mini called Sending Love Specialty, Most of the pages have glitter, Love it!
The stamp set is With all my Heart.
Next week you will see all the purses I have made and still have...might even start an Etsy Shop.
Have a great Weekend!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Occasions Mini-go to Colors

Another quick card with embossing.
Using a New set from the Occasions Mini
Vintage Vogue.
These seem to be my Favorite go to colors.
Sage , Chocolate Chip, and either white or vanilla
You might see this combo in a lot of my stuff.
Do you have a Favorite Combo?
Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to Sam's Stampin Room

Finally made my own frame...
Have made what feels like 100's of these for friends and family.
That I have never made one for me.
As I finish and tweak my room/office.
This was a must have.

My dry erase board came without the stripes, they had one but it was more money.
Why not customize the cheaper one.
I used car pinstripe's that my husband had from his car painting days.
But a sharpie or thin tape will work just as well.
Happy Monday
& Martin L. King Day!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Keeping up to date and not forgetting!
I have calenders everywhere now, anything put in one it's put into all.
These cool calenders can be covered and what better than Tess.
Love this set it's for every stamper.
Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Done... Before & After!

Now it's not as bad as it looks,
or it didn't before I brought all my craft stuff up from the garage.
I had 5 big bins of the the stuff and could not fit them in my room until my sons stuff was moved out.
So I went through and trashed so much, then labeled everything.
So I know what I have and do not go out and buy something that is already there.
The best thing I received for X-mas a label er.

Notice the empty closet...

And No floor!!!!

Every space is taken!

Here it is straighten, moved, and organized...
Oh my Gosh there was a desk under there!

My new TV, can't wait for my new computer to hook it up to and finally play and teach MDS.
With a great big view for everyone to see.

Also the shelves I bought a while ago, so I could see my stamps sets.
Plan on getting more.

The closet FULL!
And my Curious George of a cat, Annabelle. I think she snuck into several of my pics.

For more before's...
Click here & here
& here !
I also did some stamping so back to blogging as usual.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

In Neglect of......

I wasn't going to show another sample this week, only because I'm in the
"get that dang stamp/office done already, mode"
Show you that soon, the whole room this time.

But since I took off so long...I thought it would be nice.
This was super easy need the details contact me.
Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm still here!!!! Happy New Year! & My yearly deals.

Yep can't get rid of me that easy!
Just taking a little longer I suppose, Alex is on his 2Nd deployment and since he plans on buying/renting when he gets back I am packing him up to the garage, no I am not being a mean mom, he will have a place to stay always and forever, just not in his old room.
So All the free space has allowed me to bring all my craft stuff up and out of the garage, so more organizing.
Here's some new stuff I promised from the Occasions Mini.
Since I really do not care for all the Mumbo Jumbo of the business aspect that you see on other blogs and like to show how each item can be used instead, here's the first of many cards I'm going to show.
But if you like the Mumbo Jumbo stuff click on the catties to the right for all the details.
There are some things I plan this year that promise to impress and will let you know as I go.
I will give you all the Mumbo Jumbo then too!

Like to know what was used or need an occasions mini catalog CONTACT ME! or
Also, this is My year of making things easier for you- any orders place at any of my events will be directly brought to you. Host a workshop, ship it to my house I'll pass it out.
No waisting gas I'll waist mine.
This give each and every one of you that orders or hosts my time when I come to your house with a delivery, need help with a card, gift or even organization and decorating ...Use me!
There's more....
Bring a friend receive a gift (I've always done this). Bring a friend that books & hosts a workshop receive the gift and and 10$ in free catalog merchandise not including S/T.
All Stampin Up year long!

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