Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a Re-Share...Markers Clear Cases!

 While I know most of you are preparing your Spaces for a New Catalog release...I know I do!

I'm re-posting this awesome idea I Did Last Year for organizing your Markers and more


Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharing What I Love...Marker Clear Case Inserts!

So excited...
finally finished one project I started...recruit video next!
Stampin' UP!® has a great case for when you purchase the full set of Stampin' Write Markers 119806.
I never had the case, only cause I still have some of the original marker Stampin' UP! started with (sister gave to me) and they did not come in the cool case they do now.
BUT! I think these cases are just as cool.
I purchased the empty Clear-Mount Stamp Cases 119105 Stampin' UP! Offers for 4.95$
To store my markers. Easy for Transport also.

I created some covers to insert for easy Identification.

So I'm Sharing it in a Goggle Doc Link.

Print it up in a Better Quality for better color, Directions on the first Page, of which you will cut off so don't throw them away☺
Any Question or need some Clear Mount Cases Email 
                                                 or Comment! Yes Copic also fit in these cases.
*Note a Create Your Own and Supply Insert Link has been added. Click Here to Go to my SHARING♥ Page, up top!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty & Functional

 Found an awesome dresser with a broken bottom drawer at a local Habitat Thrift store snagged it for...20$
Guess what I found out to was Old and made of a red wood (not stained that color)
and I painted it. I know I know!
How do I know (I'm no expert, I just liked it and the price) A Good friend who is an expert, cried after I showed her, I almost joined her. I did put up a good front of some simulate of a sad face...just to excited to get it up in my now Girl Room. Lilli has joined forces against all the men in this house, to have a space to create! We even took over a part of the Garage, HA!

 A Curtain Rod found on long ago. Add some Cafe Clips and you have yourself a cheap way to clip up you stickers, rub-ons and anything else (dried/drying herbs, photos, child art...)
 Another find in Clearance @ TJ Maxx add some Ikea Dignitet Curtain Clips another place to hang you stash and it's pretty!

Since the bottom drawer was busted I removed the second drawer and made them shelves.
Have a great weekend!