Friday, November 28, 2008

In Color Markers!

Here's how easy it is
*Warning* Patience is needed when taking your Markers apart.
Choose Like or Lighter Stampin Write Markers.
Gently pry with pliers Both tips( Pen & Marker) of your Markers
Some Wiggling and Jiggling will be needed to remove the Marker side.
Place pen head and Marker tip in glass of water, let sit while doing other steps.

Take ink tube out and rinse all components.
Using your Sink sprayer and warm water. Spray existing ink out.
The tube will be completely white. Stand up right to drain. Then blow Gently existing water out till no more comes out. Note you will see holes on each side of tube one for pen, one for marker.
Rinse the marker head till all ink is out of that. This will stay colored and Might change a whole different color...this is a good thing. To make sure all ink is out of Marker head dry on Paper towel (this will tell you, you have all the ink out)
Gently blow the ink out of the pen head( this is easy to see when all the ink is out of this)
Dry everything!

Here's what it they should all look like.

Now take your re-inker's and fill. I do not fill, the whole tube. Fill the Marker side up first and put more on this side.
Reassemble and watch as the heads refill them selves up. Some shaking might be needed, some markers will take a day. You can also take re-inker to the marker head to speed it along if it is needed right then.
Decorate(Cover) your Markers to reflect their colors!
Also you can refill your basic markers too, if they are running out
Comment me if you have Questions.

Happy Black Friday!

Hope all of you spent lots today to get our economy going!
If not, go buy some SU Markers ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Quick Share

Before the hoard gets here Thursday...and my back breaking mad dash to complete things for the fair...yes my back is killing me!
Here are two very adorable cards my VERY good friend Donna did of UGH! Sock Monkey, if your a frequent reader of my blog you know how I feel about him.
But! after these two cuteys , he may be growing on me...NOT!
When I'm done after this weekend I have something very exciting to show you all.
Well Off to the fair!
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All of the above!

Have a SAS coming up Sat, Thanksgiving with 20+ people coming, hopefully shopping on Black Fri, and one of 2 fairs on that following Sat& Sun. Second fair is the following week.
I had a call out of the blue asking me to do a fair (Quick & Short One)
I Asked how she found me, she said she Googled Stampin UP and her zip code and my name came up first. Well about a few weeks ago, I put my Stampin UP business on the Google Search engines hoping that would generate some people interested in stamping. This fair wasnt quite what I was looking for( for a good cause, always up for that) but if it brings interest then that is a plus.
This card was for my Up line and the great Birthday gifts she gave me, I'll ask if I can show you later, back to preparing for all of the above.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brag Book Class coming soon!

I don't really consider this a scrapbook, more a Brag book.
But here's what I did for a gift for Lilli's Cheer Coach.
Only took me about 3 hours.
Your only seeing about 4 of the 10 pages. I'm going to offer this class soon, watch my events. So if your interested here's the details. The Class will be 25$ you get 10 ring or post Page protectors a Package of Designer Paper of your choice. Your Brag Book is optional, but can be ordered. Any embellishments are also extra. I will provide the card stock and inks that coordinates with your paper and the use of The Big Shot and my stamps. Bring your own adhesive.
Keep a watch out in my events, I expect this class to fill up fast.
Very simple and Fun!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Season Frames...Sneak Peek- Be warned!

Here's a Quick frame done Yesterday by Susan and I.
She needed a gift to exchange for her Up line's meeting next week so went and bought these 3$ frames at Wal Mart and I had the perfect plan for it. She bought more but we ran out of time...I was thinking we could do all the Seasons.
I tried to do the Raw Rub-on vinyl with the GO-GO Boots lettering some how could not figure it out, with it being backwards then thought I had fixed it. But the letters were turn Backwards...if any one knows how to do the lettering with the raw vinyl, let me know.
I told Susan I would not show this until she exchanged it...But she said to show I am. So be warned if you received this, sorry you got a sneak peek first.
The real things better anyways...Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Card box, Cards, Or Not, Get ready to be confused! ;)

Here's a card box that fits your Standard cards 51/2 x 41/4.
going to make a lot for the fair along with several selections of X-mas cards.
Take a box, or not, pick your cards, or not take just a box, take just cards or take both. Did I confuse you yet.
Now to figure out what to charge for the box, tell me what you think.
I got this template from Susan a fellow Demo and best friend who got it from her Up line, my side line, Colleen Magness ( founders Circle & top 10 demos of the year) Don't know where she got it, can anyone claim anything anymore?Or can you even remember who did it first. That sounds like a future rant to that soon.

I'm going to put a tutorial up tonight of this...right now
have to go make the donuts.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pics from VB Regional... For Now...More to come

Yes that's her, such a gracious Lady, she definitely knows how to re-new. Have more pics, blogger just won't let me . In other words... TO BE CONTINUED!!!

Don't know why shes cut in half...but if you click on the Pic you can see the whole thing.

I'm going to start updating my Tutorials and For Sale Tabs...until then.Hugs to All!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Leavings!!!Rub On Promotion!!!

This is what came out of the leavings from the desk calenders from the post below. They are so easy to decorate. This one, I really do not care for it, It's kind of creepy. I applied the technique my upline Melissa did at the VB regional, She did such a beautiful job, Except its a RRH and Sahara Sand sun or moon which ever you prefer.
But 12x12 paper will not cover the whole thing so a strip is required, which just adds to it.
All you do is cover the SU Long board with DSP (glue stick) run it through the big shot with the Top Note Die upside down(paper on bottom) for the Top Notes full effect, or even some other die that will fit, maybe the large scallop , might have to try that one when I get some more long board.
Cut some card stock to fit on the back, then I traced lightly with pencil just certain areas to know where my image was going to be, so it would show through the windows.
Decorate as you see fit. It's that easy...nice gift too.
Check out the new promotion on my side bar. 20% off all SU Rub On's in both catalogs.Click the pic to get full details.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I could Be a Swap Snob...More VB Regional Swaps

Had the most amazing time lots of fun, Shelly was there, just in awe, BUT...
Have you ever read the post on Splitcoast about Convention Swap Snobs?
Well this was my very first SU Event. I knew it would be a smaller event and a great way to see how the swaps go.
I made about 20 each of the cards in the post below and about 8 of the pic below, only because I didn't think I had enough, and 8 of the calenders (only brought 6 of them)
that's because I was up until 3 in the morning struggling to just finish a few and got 6 completely put together.
Well the reason I'm thinking I could be a swap snob is, the time I put into those calenders/cards and the resource's. So I was trying to be selective on who I swapped those with( got some nasty cold shoulders when I asked to see there 3D swaps). I wanted someone Else's time and resource's in return. So does that make me a swap snob?
Also if you viewed the cards in the post below, and you are familiar with all the steps it took to do those . Wouldn't you be selective.
When I was or my friend were approached, she did most of the swapping for me cause I was finishing them up it, we swapped, it was so over whelming. But when I got home to look at all the cards I had. I was Quite disappointed and amazed, some were absolutely gorgeous, some were, I just can't explain .
OK I can...
How easy it is was for some to just throw some DSP on card stock with a word stamp inked on it, that's it for the card. Yes I know how expensive DSP can be. But do these people know how effective their stamps and inks can be, and how they can go a long way and without the expense of DSP.
So when I do go to convention next year. I know not to beat myself up with the swaps.
Now I know what to expect. I probably wont do it at all!
Sorry for my rant.
But Please leave a comment nice or not what you think, I can take it.
Now to tell you about the desk calender.
I ran the raw SU long board chipboard with DSP glued to it, through the top note die, (Wait till you see what came out of the leavings, show you later) and the Mark the Date and Full Calender stamps set.
12 Top Notes in WW CS
2 jumbo Eyelets
Assorted DSP in Large Oval
Full Calender stamp Set in several Inks Punched out with Word Window
Decorated to match DSP.
Very Easy...Nice Gift.

Edited Note* I needed swaps to show my customers techniques I have not done and sets I do not have . You would think other Demos would know what an SU event full of Demos are using the swaps for. I don't need that many cards for my personal use. Sorry if I sound mean...I'm really not!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Some...Regional Swaps!

Here's two swaps for VB regional. I have more, just working on them in a mad dash.I'll show you all that was done Monday. So this post is really short. Want to know how it or anything thing on this blog is done, just ask. Except wait for Monday!Busy Busy Busy!
Tell me what you think and is this one you would like to receive in a swap.
Hugs to all and Have a nice Weekend.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nixed this one...need to regroup

Trying to pick a swap for the Va Beach Regional .
Here's one I came up with but Would not want to receive this one myself. Working on another, I absolutely love and will show you later.
Going out of town to visit family for our 4 day weekend...really need some brain empowered time away. Have a good weekend!