Monday, June 28, 2010

WARNING...Interpret any way you want!!!!!!☺

It's errand day....
NOT! we are at the dentist though then going to the Beach...
Want to come?
This Easy Peasy Card was done for one of My Wed Therapy Swaps a while ago.
Do you have the Big Shot????
Way to go if you do & Why Not? If you don't
So many possibilities to Fast and Simple Cards using the Big Shot.
What else is there.....A Cricut maybe..."Umm Honey I want One, Me Love You Long Time HE HE"
 I had a Great Crack Me Up Moment from a blog I Follow of a Very New Demo (Red Monkey Scrapper)
She told her husband she "Loved Him" and that a Gigantic SU box was coming tomorrow, her starter kit.
I actually Interpreted it a little different than want I think she meant, OK so I have a slightly some what Warped Mind...but it got me thinkin...
I so Do that too...Let's just say He (hubby) has become good friends with our UPS Man. 

I Love him regardless...
he's just happy to get that extra Lovin when a box is coming.
So on that note why not tell your Hubby this story and You'd like to join.
No it's not bribery...just some extra Lovin☺
Heres a current special for a 99.00$ Starter Kit- Check it out Here
Hurry ends Wed June 30.

more to come this week.

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Maxine said...

I love the way you made the card unique with the edges!!! So clever