Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 3~

Now on to my cards...I really Have no Faves for these I loved them All.
This one was a Night Before, I mailed them off submission.
Remember this one...Rejected....
This Purple Beauty replaced it.

What's my style? I have been asked this many times.
And have a post about it here
My answer............... Sam Style.
I have no style....really. Scroll through this Blog.
 You will see that in all my AA Submissions.
Now if Stampin'UP!® had more Humorous saying word stamps,
   I'd be all over that.
Humor just makes us all smile.

This Submission could be called Vintage.. to me Vintage is lace, Botanical's, Art Deco, Victorian.
This to me is Grunge, with a little vintage thrown in...singing Nirvana, sing with me
"I'm so happy.... cause today I found my friends..."

I love inky fingers make quite a lot of my cards become Grungy☺

I didn't send in Submissions of different styles that's just the way I roll already.
Need to know what was used...Contact me.

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Have A Great Weekend Friends!


Cindy Major said...

I really love this card! Love the chipboard letters, the textured butterfly, the touches of shimmer... Nicely done!


Katie Ann Brooks said...

Sam, this is such a lovely card. Awesome!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Sam, this is such a lovely card. Awesome!

TrishG said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and letters and butterfly. Great sparkle.