Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 2.... My Fav 2!

My other 3D...A Wall Hanging, this one took me forever to do. 
I made one, which was bigger than this one, it has 2 birds and Welcome on it, it took me a whole day, and this is when I discovered the bleach and cord buttons thing. Yep very Proud of my self.

Was showing the hubby with a GREAT BIG GRIN....

Let me interrupt real quick with a short story and explain a little somethin' about me. Mom, both sisters and all female family members even the ones I married into, are seamstresses in their own right. 
I was the art, drama, and band geek. 
I have always wanted to learn to sew just could not find the time...then comes along this Chicken Scratch Chic. Yep you all know her as Angie Juda (♥her) and she shows how easy it is to sew making purses with the Big Shot.
 UMMM! Purse Junkie right here,
I'm so going to make one of those, went out and bought a cheap full size Machine.
Almost a Full spool of Gütermann's Thread in the Garbage later,
My first Bag was done and I was HOOKED.
Now granted that bag will probably fall apart, but I did not care.
I could now say I was Fully Domesticated....

 Sorry bout that, back to hubby. 
.....With a GREAT BIG GRIN,
"Niiiiice, but the Welcome is Crooked"
I didn't care...They would know it was made with love.
Reading the AA Rules again, "made with love" was not a criteria. 
Next day This one entered was made in half the time.
I still would not recommend you eat at my house either.
Foods have names like Sausage Surprise, Mom's Mud Muffins, Experimental Eggs or Guinea Pig Goulash.

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Have A Domestically Good Wednesday!

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Valerie Durham said...

I just love you!!! I love your sense of humor and the reality of you as I read your posts-sometimes I think, this is so me!! Except your projects are wayyyyy cuter! You're an artisan in my eyes!!!

mary.schultz said...

I came to your blog to see the tic-tac-toe game you made (so cute!) and then saw today's post with the wall hanging. Very cute, and I have to say your post cracked me up. I am a sewer myself (is that a word?) and have witnessed my sister's struggle to try and join the family sewing circle. I love your response to your hubby's comment about something being crooked - I always say if it was perfect, it wouldn't be mine, but I think I like your answer better!

Lianne Carper said...

This is just adorable. I'd love to hear some details on how you made it. Is this stamped? It looks so much larger than my

Cindy Major said...

This project is amazing! I LOVE it!