Monday, June 14, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 7

Woo Hoo Last week of school, 
we are a Big Tourist town here at the beach so we actually start after Labor day, plus our School system feels we need to go a whole 3 extra days to stay "Ahead of the Curve"...
That's a Sarcastic Quote, can you say BURNOUT! & OVER IT!

Put me in My Balloon Card and Take me Away!
The Balloon is Fabric and my attempt to sew in a circle, not perfect, but I loved them and 
after 4 attempts at circle sewing, I was ready to jump in the first and float away.

I cut out the clouds from the Sweet Pea Pack (2010 Spring Mini)
Trendy ya think.... I can say there are no cloud stamps in the new 2010-2011. Sigh!
But The Designer Series Paper is.....Far Out!
Coming July 1.
Have a Great "Take Me Away" Monday.


Valerie Durham said...

Gosh, I can't believe school is just now out there! I understand what you are saying! We got out about a week ago and we were the same way! Except we have to go back mid-August.

Love the whimsical balloon here. Your Artisan entries have been amazing! I don't think I could bear to part with all of them!

Anonymous said...

Very creative! I keep thinking I'm going to try sewing on my paper project but have yet to actually do it. Yours looks great! Thanks for sharing.
Monika Davis