Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 8

A staged photo with my new camera...
And believe me the photo is awesome just can't tell in this photo.

One Morning I was eating some Dark chocolate espresso beans reading the Camera Manual and hear
Lilli in her, she thinks it's a whisper voice, telling on me to her Daddy,
"mommies eating chocolate for breakfast."
After a giggle and a peek around the corner for a smirk from my Husband, 
I knew what my first page was going to be about.
So I rolled out some beans dropped a pretty flower from it's vase, knock the (after I finished it) now empty cup over.
Played with F-stop, aperture, shutter speeds in the C, M ,A, S, P dials just to see what would happen and you know what, the best Pic came from Auto.
I gave a hoar ed chocolate bean to Lilli (she had no clue) and shuttered... knew it was going to waste.

Scrap Booking is a little new to me the whole Paper Crafting world by way of Stampin' UP!® was introduce a little over 2 1/2 years ago, and I mean World!...hold on! need to wipe the drool from my mouth.

I knew what Scrap Booking was about just did not think I would be interested.
Card Making....ummm a perfectly good store around the corner sells them already made, but alas
No satisfaction or sense of accomplishment in a Grab and Go!
My being an artsy  person thought paper beneath me. 
Painting and beading were my thing, still love to do them. 

This was an 8x8 changed to an 8 1/2 X 11
Add my Bean photo...a little sarcastic wit in the title and journaling and I was sticking it to those judges, cause there was a little of me in this page, it was the first done, can't you tell.
They get a little better, but nothing of what I can do now.
Tell you more about why next.
Happy Wednesday!


Katie Ann Brooks said...

awesome Sam, love it! I love the story of your inspiration too! All your artisan stuff is great!

Jenn PIcard said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! And just for the record Chocolate is a perfectly acceptable breakfast, especially when coffee is involed!