Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 6

A Super Fantabulously Fun card...
Like I said I wish Stampin' UP!® would come out with some more Funny saying Stamps.
But I guess some other company's will have to do.
There's a story behind this and I will let you know more later.

Another short post, I'm quite glad for not winning now cause it gave me 10 post I did not have before.
With the end of School near, being a room mom and employee of said school system things get quite hectic.
I have some New 2010-2011 Catty Goodies still in packages that are calling my name, "Sam....Sam....Sam...
Come play with us"...Oh I will!
I have a super Fun technique Video I filmed before AA and will have that up after some edits.

Have a Super Duper Fantabulous Weekend!


Cindy Major said...

That card is super cool! I really, really like how you made the net with the twine - so clever!! :D


kat said...

Very cool card. Love the broken board and the netting.