Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost Artisan Day 4

 The first card done, and it was almost rejected too. 
I did this one in Jan, and when Stampin' UP! announced it's color renovation
there were only two returning colors on this card.
Now that the retired list is out almost everyone of my cards and Scrap Pages have a lot of retiring elements.
Could this be the reason....I really do not care anymore.
 I cannot wait and am excited to see the entries of those chosen,
cause I know they are Extraordinary!
But you have to be in Utah in July to view them, of which I will be, but first let me,  
draaaggggg ooouttttttt 2 moooore weeeeekks of ssssschoollllllll. EWWW!

Yeppers, my Vac Cay away from domestic duties, with some awesome stampy friends doing what I love.
Memento mall, meeting new friends, and jabbering with others.
Hooky on "some" classes is in order.
Visits to places I did not get to see the last time I was there, any Utah Friends have some...
"not your typical place must sees" 
Any suggestions are Welcome.

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Happy Monday!

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Cindy Major said...

This card is fun!! I love the glitter!