Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm still here!!!! Happy New Year! & My yearly deals.

Yep can't get rid of me that easy!
Just taking a little longer I suppose, Alex is on his 2Nd deployment and since he plans on buying/renting when he gets back I am packing him up to the garage, no I am not being a mean mom, he will have a place to stay always and forever, just not in his old room.
So All the free space has allowed me to bring all my craft stuff up and out of the garage, so more organizing.
Here's some new stuff I promised from the Occasions Mini.
Since I really do not care for all the Mumbo Jumbo of the business aspect that you see on other blogs and like to show how each item can be used instead, here's the first of many cards I'm going to show.
But if you like the Mumbo Jumbo stuff click on the catties to the right for all the details.
There are some things I plan this year that promise to impress and will let you know as I go.
I will give you all the Mumbo Jumbo then too!

Like to know what was used or need an occasions mini catalog CONTACT ME! or
Also, this is My year of making things easier for you- any orders place at any of my events will be directly brought to you. Host a workshop, ship it to my house I'll pass it out.
No waisting gas I'll waist mine.
This give each and every one of you that orders or hosts my time when I come to your house with a delivery, need help with a card, gift or even organization and decorating ...Use me!
There's more....
Bring a friend receive a gift (I've always done this). Bring a friend that books & hosts a workshop receive the gift and and 10$ in free catalog merchandise not including S/T.
All Stampin Up year long!

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Lorraine said...

Oooh, I'm jealous - you got new stuff already. And so pretty!