Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Stamp Cave!

Here's the desk, quite a large one actually just hard to see in the pic.
Soon I hope to have Alex's TV out so I can have a flat screen that I can watch TV and plug the Computer in. Just add a wireless mouse and key board and I can say good bye to that Monster Monitor, more room for more stuff!
That computer is not hooked up yet. I'm down stairs on our main computer. Have that feeling my husband does not want to hook it up, me thinks he's afraid I'll never come out.
I might not.
I have a great plan for the large dry-erase board on the wall, to get my self even more organized and make it a large calender, have the stuff to do it, just haven't got to it. So much for organized!
And of coarse all the stuff crowding my feet, that's to go in the closet, only its packed with Alex's things, I guess I can wait. Love you Sweety.

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Tracy said...

What a great space. I'm totally jealous! I am confined to 1 little table in the basement. :-(

Lorraine said...

Wow, what a great work area. I've been trying to take over my son's room and he keeps coming back. This time it's not him, just his furniture! Just when I thought I could convert his cave!

Anesha said...

What a lovely tidy space! Wish mine could be that tidy! Enjoy. Anesha

Butternut Sage Designs said...

awesome work area! Have fun playing!

Beryl said...

Great workspace. You're a very lucky lady.
Beryl xx

Burnin' Rubber said...

Ok Sam - you rock my world! First thank you SO MUCH for your encouraging words on my "skinny" blog! You too have made so much progress, you are fantastic! So inspiring and helps me to keep on cruising!

And guess what? Your stamp room looks so much like mine, at first I thought I was looking at my own! Great Minds!!

Keep me updated on your progress, we can cheer each other on!


Burnin' Rubber said...

Oh, and if you can bottle your water, I'll buy a few! :)

Carol said...

Right I'm off to sulk :(

Gorgeous space and light and airy looking and my are you organised :)

Are they Cd's on the white board - sorry nosey lil ole me :)

TC off to pack more stuff :)

Hugs x