Friday, July 31, 2009

Stamp Cave Part II

Here's another part...I'm able to fit a 8 foot table in here for small classes. Still use my large table down stairs for the bigger ones.
I like being up here for the smaller classes what usually ends up happening is what once was organized becomes mass chaos.
All my stuff ends up coming out and we all have a great time.
I love watching others creates and looking at others creations.
Now I will not show you the other side only cause its Alex's boxes. When they are gone I will show you the rest.
To all my Demo friends going to Convention...Hope to see you!
To those not going...I will show you what I came home with!
To my friends who are not Demos, you could be and going with me!
Maybe next year.
Next weeks post will be what I'm swapping each day...Then I have to warn and tell you my posting will drop off. To prepare me and the kids for the return of school, but who knows I could of gotten things done so well this summer I might surprise ya.
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Butternut Sage Designs said...

I'll miss oyu Sam but will be checking in often...have a great time at convention....hugs