Friday, January 29, 2010

Simplest... But the Cutest!

A Wine Bottle Bag...
you thought it was going to be some extravagant creation.
Nope this is my absolute favorite and the quickest to make.
What better than to take your extra scallop squares (always have them) and
make a bunch for the
"quick I need a Gift to give now" moments.

Why not some wine in a pretty package.
I have come up with some solutions for the cold bottles.
Instead of a back fabric, use Laminated cotton, this is used for raincoats and place mats, and since our Big Shot Bigz dies cut through almost anything they cut through this also.
Add the batting in the middle and you have an insulated fabric.
*EDIT I used a white dollar store shower curtain & thicker batting for my first ones.
Also it is cheaper than Laminated Cotton :)
Just a tip for the sweating of a cold bottle.

Have a Great Weekend
and a Bottle of Wine!

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Tracy said...

Very cute! Almost makes me want to take up sewing! :)

Tash said...

You go girl... I love to see what new creations your talent brings. Great gift idea!!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

another great bag!

I actually appreciate that you don't know how to sew, cause I don't much either. I know all about piles of thread and seam ripping. Are you using scallop square for these? You stitch with seems out instead of in, so the ruffles stick out?

Rebecca said...

Perfect, I'm such a wino too....:)

Joyce said...


Lorraine said...

I really beginning to miss my sewing machine! This is great. TFS!

Kristy said...

With project like these, I can't wait until I get my sewing machine. I have a long list of things to make, and I think my Christmas shopping is done.
Awesome work.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

you are getting just too creative here misy, you have me thinking that I am going to have to try some of yopur ideas when I get back from the wedding invites too!!! Hugs~Donna

Chanda Stehlik said...

What an adorable idea! TYFS!

chanda stehlik