Monday, January 25, 2010


Yep it is....
I have made quite a few and finally one for me, that's Wednesdays post, plus I'm working on another for me and Lilli.
These are so easy and easy enough to make any size you want.

I agree with Angie, it's much easier with 3 fabrics.
You'll see why I say this on Wed
This is just 2 patterns of fabric with one solid color on the inside, this one is washed. But for some reason it did not do what I quite expected.
That's OK it still cute.
And in the store soon!
Happy Monday!

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Valerie Durham said...

Too, too cute! I want to make one of these....I'm just not sure about it yet. I may leave that one for my mom to make! She's a better seamstress!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Found you on the Connection! I love these bags, so great. I need to learn to sew better! Any tips for making these bags?