Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to Sam's Stampin Room

Finally made my own frame...
Have made what feels like 100's of these for friends and family.
That I have never made one for me.
As I finish and tweak my room/office.
This was a must have.

My dry erase board came without the stripes, they had one but it was more money.
Why not customize the cheaper one.
I used car pinstripe's that my husband had from his car painting days.
But a sharpie or thin tape will work just as well.
Happy Monday
& Martin L. King Day!

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1 comment:

Valerie Durham said...

How adorable are you! You know, my dh caught me drooling over a few scrap rooms the other day when I was reading my scrap magazine...hope he doesn't catch me drooling over yours, too!