Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whats my style!

Yep that's a paper dress in memento mall!
I was a good girl.

I have been asked by many what is my style.
Well let me tell you a little about myself.
I'm a tattooed, always changing things (mostly the subject), wannabe 70's hippy , Lovin 50's Retro, can never stick to one thing (ADD- hard for me to stick to large amounts of swaps), Momma, 30 something. Does that help.

I actually love a clean style, but cannot seem to always come up with that. I actually do not like to use DSP a lot, but will. Go through all my work do you see much, it's mostly on my 3D's.
You should see the huge stack I have of 6x6 palettes all mixed up retired paper cause I fall in love and don't use it.

I've notice my style changes from day to day or person I'm stamping with.
Hoping to create a new trendy style called Sam, yep just Sam.
So when you see my cards just call it the Sam style.
Going to relax and readjust to being back.

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Loopy said...

Sounds semi like me lol, getting my first tat in september of my dad on my left shoulder blade.

Lorraine said...

I like that - Sam style!

Anonymous said...

definitely sounds like me, heavily tattooed, with TONS of DSP left over. I just rearranged my craft room for the 3rd time this year.... and it's June. Love your work! Love your "style"