Friday, August 28, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things III

My up-line received one of these Long Envelopes with a file in it at convention and I remember seeing a template some where.
So I came home found it made some and then created a PDF of multiples on one page so many could be made at one time, that's if your printer will take card stock.
Unfortunately, I have learned how to make a PDF just not a Hyperlink to it so if you would like it Free, email my by clicking my Picture to the right, and clicking the "Email Me" link, put "Requesting the PDF" in the title.

I was thinking these will make great Craft Fair give aways or make and takes. Put your info on the back with a sticker. Give them to your teachers with pencils for her to give her students, they always need prizes and gifts to give to their students. The possibilities are endless. I gave my son one with a drink mix in it, he then proceeded to ask if I wanted it back so I could show it.
It's sad how well they know me.
But they rock!

The Textured ink wash is up in my Tutorials....with I'm hoping a video!
A few changes are coming to this blog you might have noticed a few already I'm so excited...Stay tuned!

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Anesha said...

Super projects, love it. Anesha

kat said...

These are cute , great idea for the kids to give as halloween gifts with a little change of paper.