Friday, August 14, 2009

No Winny!

I have started to enter some contests and magazines.
I guess I didn't win cause this card was submitted months ago, and no replies.
So I'm going to show it to you.
They wanted Funky colors, well the new in-colors are that,
and rub-ons. Sam Style!:)
Oh and add this one to 101 ways to use Circle Circus! I've lost count.

I'm really starting to love my own stuff.
Have you guys notice that about yourselves are you starting to love your own stuff?
Now as I lead you into, loving your own stuff, I'm going to talk about Casing-aka copying,
creating the same card, looking at others work, doing the same thing and so on and so on. Do you do it?...
Well... I do it too!
You thought I was going to berate you about it, didn't you.
I'm not, but I have had that experience.
I look at and love others creations, I take something from here and something from there and create my own.
There have been quite a few times where the original creation did not need to be messed with and I copied step by step.
Basically what I'm saying is it's OK it's not a sin, most top SU Demonstrator's, bloggers and SCS's do it, that sounds like we have some kind of addiction.
(Don't you want to case, come on baby case with me you know you want to!) HE HE!

On that note lets make today Case day!
Case a card or a 3D you absolutely love, then show (via blog , email) and tell, direct me to where you found the original.
Each reader (sorry US only) who does this by Fri August 21 will need to also email (find my picture to the right, click on it, then go to email) me their address cause I'm going to send you a personal card made by me...that's all the blog candy I can afford right now, a few 44 cent stamps.
So get your friends, which will probably make me have to go get more postage stamps;), and case a card.
Have fun and Happy Crazy for Casing Friday!

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Valerie Durham said...

Well, I'm glad you're not berating CASErs! Because I'm right there with you. I'm not quite to the loving my own stuff yet, I guess I never feel like mine is contest worthy, or anything, so I don't have a problem CASE-ing! I guess I find that the more I CASE the more I find out what I DO like. I do love your stuff, though!

Tracy said...

I like this B card! I would have chose you to win. :)

I CASE things, too. I tell my customers nearly everything I make I CASE from someone else... I don't really have any artistic skills! They appreciate that. HOWEVER, I agree with you, I've found I like MY cards more and more all the time. Even DH has said, "You're getting better at making cards." hahaha.