Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Guessed it!!!

Hi every one in Blog Land that finally as one of my posters said" got off the fence and posted"
I loved that.
And the winner is Oh My Gosh!
My darling Hubby drew...
My great friend and Blogging Sister (Not Biblical)
OK Phree go to view my profile and contact my with your address.
And it will go out tomorrow.
Here's what you get,
Organic Grace Level one and a few Other Items.

Oh and for those who asked I have this great case you can find on-line it holds, I think 48 sponge daubers...I let you know where as soon as Melissa Lets me know.
Will start to post again soon.
Tegan could you also contact me with your address, go check out this up and comer in the stamping world. Can you say future Demo!

1 comment:

Phree said...

Oh wow, how cool. Thank you for the fun competition, the prize looks gorgeous, will look forward to having a play with it.