Thursday, September 18, 2008

Changing things UP!

Another Gift Card Holder!
This one I saw being done on Kristina Werner Blog, she's so talented. She gives someone credit just don't know who and I apologize.
Same design I just changed everything.
I look at many blogs almost every morning, just to see what they have done. So like everyone else blog surfing or as I like to call it Blog Stalking, I like to see something new, hence why I'm trying to post something everyday.
BUT!!! there will come a time and I apologize, where I will go stagnant, either I'm so busy or god forbid my computer goes down.
Like I said, next week I will have tutorials on all the Gift Card holders. And maybe a new blog layout, have to see how time goes.
So if you need to find the instructions now on this Gift Card Holder go visit Kristina's Blog, she actually shows you in a video.
Have a Happy Thursday cause... tomorrows Friday!

1 comment:

Tegan said...

Ooh, it finally let me comment on this beautiful card!
A surprise huh..? Any hints? LOL