Sunday, September 7, 2008 coming!&All My Children!

Oh she's gone. I'm talking about tropical Storm Hanna. She just gave our area in VA, the rain we really needed. There was some wind, but nothing to do any damage. Sorry I haven't posted lately. The first week of school was like no other I've ever had. The Bus runs actually went great. It's the life thing that went to bedlam. But I wont post about the GIANT busy-ness my Mommy Life has become...lets just say my kids DVD collection in my car is growing. Do they make door hangers for DVD's for cars? Alex is home from A school and is Stationed on the Eisenhower here in VA. So now I have All My Children back. For his safety I will not post his Pic. I'm soooo proud of him.

Well I have been working on quite a few things and will post those soon...just got the Big Shot, really haven't played with it yet. But plan on it today.

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