Thursday, September 11, 2008


Like I say you can cover anything!
Found these adorable wooden pails at the wood section of AC's. With a little paper & ribbon and ink they were decorated. That's how easy it can be for you. I also use a few punches, stamps and the Big Shots GO GO Boots lettering. The small jar in the back just has rolled up paper, some ribbon and the top covered. Instant candy jar.
I asked my Hubby if he could spray paint the pails black for me ...but time got away as always. So I just colored the parts that are shown with my wonderful basic Black SU marker.
If you would like to do a Halloween based workshop let me know and I'll check my calender and we'll set it up.
Remember you can order anytime now through my site.

Note: It was pointed out to me the pails look huge they are very small pails measuring about
2 3/4 tall & 2 3/4 round.

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Phree said...

Your halloween pails are cute.