Sunday, August 24, 2008

Queen of cover! Mommy and Me Workshop.

I guess you can call me the Queen of covering anything that can be.My first Kids workshop turn out great. I think they had fun, I know the Moms did. But putting candy and goodies out just for them, making them nice and hyper right before they go home was the part I loved best...Sorry Moms.
They made these cute little clipboards just to give their new teachers for the first day of school. I made it super easy by doing almost everything. They just glued, stamped 2 thing, and got to use 2 punches. The age ranges were 5 to 10 years and all of them had no problem, with mommies help of coarse.
I'll be doing more of these through out their school year lives for the occasions when gifts are needed for teachers. So if you would like to join any keep an eye on my EVENTS at my Demonstrator Business Website over to the right.


Jenny, said...

love the little clip boards, looks like they all had a lot of fun making them... well done kids :o)

Lorraine said...

So cool. Glad to see that you're educating them to the finer points of stamping - Must Have Chocolate When Stamping!!!

Tessa said...

Super cute! They will be teacher's pet with those.

Jackie said...

It looks like loads of fun :)

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

Cute! I've done one just kid workshop. It went well , really need to do another one. Did you get the clipboards from SU? was it included in their price?

They look great!