Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally...My First MDS, But oh so many more that are better!

Why did I take so long to upload this....I could tell you but it's to long and drawn out...
OK it was really Computer issues and a possible crash.
Wow I actually made that short and sweet...go figure.

The page 8x8.
Alex at Boot Camp, are they suppose to be having this much fun @...
and sorry if I offend not really a beach (Great Lakes)
I was there Chicago, (the base is outside of it), and can you say Amazing!
Love my Great friends who live near, on, or close to any of the Great Lakes.
When you live on the actual ocean though....
I'll shut my mouth!:)
Go ahead give it back...I can take it...Love you All!

This MDS page is my first playing around, my sewing is actually not this great.
For not being a Scrap Booker and having so many photos stored on my computer (really most are on discs)...this might change me. This took me all of 10 Min's even with the shadowing, see some parts that need to be fixed though. EDIT!

For this busy Mom this program is SWEET !!!
The albums Come in a variety of sizes and actually remind me of Golden Books, they are that skinny, so no more bulky albums taking up more space than needed.
Great for those OCD/ADD people like me not a lot of clutter.
I now have the most awesome set up to show and teach this, call me to set an appointment and to try it out.

Just wait so much more to show.
Have a Great Lakes Weekend!

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1 comment:

Valerie Durham said...

Wow! Great job for your first page! I started with the pre-made pages, so I'm really impressed that you are starting with your own layouts. Nice job - love the staples in the corner!