Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On a Quest~3D Part II...

This weeks post will only have 2.
I found a lot of great templates for 3D's but have run out of time to try them. So that will be more posts for me to show you later and we all know how slack I can get in my postings. I'll share my feelings on that at another time...it might be a story some of you will not like and more of you will understand.

I really need to get to finishing my swaps for convention.
This 3D was quite quick after I re sized it.
My printer or computer sized it wrong.
I found it here!
It was fun but not quite the 3D swap I was looking for.
It can actually hold post it notes or 3x3 cards.
Remember I told you in previous post some are just me trying them out. No time to make a proper one, but still wanted to show you.

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Lorraine said...

Love the colors! Cute project.

Becky H. said...

Very cute....

Valerie Durham said...

Love both of these projects - the purse is just adorable. I hope you have fun at convention - I just got back from vacation, so I'm trying to catch up...you know how that goes!