Friday, May 27, 2011

While I've been away....

I have a lot to show you all, and the next few post will explain my absence.
A little redo of me...
began with a little health scare at Christmas, it's little now cause luckily it amounted to nothing but a big headache. An accident recently
involving a visit to a Dr. McDreamy (are you familiar with the doc's on Grey's Anatomy)
some changes in between I made happen, things I have been longing to do again and have.
It's a book, so I will not bore you all at once.
But I will say this "This is a no Cortisol Zone" Seriously!

Now to the biggest decision I made this year, if you have not noticed yet....
Yes, I am no longer an SU DEMO!
It was the hardest change I made, but  I will be back, when the time is right.
For now, I will still do my blog and yes SU (cause that is all I really have) products
will be the main show here, 
I  have other awesome projects to show some involving organization of all my craft and SU stuff!
YEP! another stamp cave redo.
This time I went for pretty-it being functional was a plus.
Mommies  room!
As always going to keep it short...

The projects/birthday presents above-
Branches wired together, floral foams cut in half and a lot of punching (Small oval & Boho)
Styrofoam glue and straight pins.
Need to know know what to do!


Lorraine said...

I am so glad to see that you are okay. I know how scary life gets especially when it comes to your health. Can't wait to see more of your wonderful projects and the new digs! Have a wonderful weekend.

christina said...

I'm glad you are back and seem refreshed . sometimes we need to take a break , I'm so glad you are okay . enough mushy stuff now ! on to those gorgeous floral foams ! I love it !!! Keep in touch :)

Queen Mary said...

Glad you are feeling better, LOVE these cute projects!

Anonymous said...

I love that green one, how did you make it

Pursuit of Stampiness - Calgary, Canada said...

Hi dear. Welcome back in the blog world. That is quite the journey you went on with your family. Wow. I wish you all the best, all the health and love that you can get. God bless your mother's heart. :)
in every possible way!
And enjoy the freedoms it gives, now you're not a SU demo anymore :) ;) You get to use copic markers (smile) and show them on your blog.

Inky hugs. Pauline