Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy Memorial Day!
Just a few signs/wall decor I have finished.
The top one was a gift for a very good Friend's Birthday. 
It's hard to see, but the "STAMPING" part, cut using the Big Shot and the serif dies...
are some SU papers...

This was the first sign I made and the guinea pig for all the others. I was going for Old Timey/Vintage....and still working and experimenting with that. The second sign(a reason for being away)
For Alex my oldest, his new house bought, repainted and fixed up by us all and....His just recent Marriage, to Liz, an awesome new addition to the Woodruff "Fudge" Family!
I Love her Dearly and she Scrapbooks (another Bonus!) HEHE!

I'm hoping to acquire a Silhouette Soon..HINT HINT HINT Honey! For more Letter fonts! 
Otherwise I will stick to the methods I have been using....Here I will show you:
 If you don't have an awesome die cutting or the "just right letter die", find a font on the computer you love...expand it to fit your board,and print it up. 
Trace the back with a charcoal pencil, a black colored pencil works also.
Place it where you want it, a little tape, and using your bone folders....rub!
Paint it in.
Old Timey/Vintage...means you can mess up and it will still looks great!
Also hit up your Habitat Thrift Stores and the cut bins in your Hardware Stores, sometimes you can get boards for Free or Pennies!
More signs to show later....

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