Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pretty & Functional

 Found an awesome dresser with a broken bottom drawer at a local Habitat Thrift store snagged it for...20$
Guess what I found out to was Old and made of a red wood (not stained that color)
and I painted it. I know I know!
How do I know (I'm no expert, I just liked it and the price) A Good friend who is an expert, cried after I showed her, I almost joined her. I did put up a good front of some simulate of a sad face...just to excited to get it up in my now Girl Room. Lilli has joined forces against all the men in this house, to have a space to create! We even took over a part of the Garage, HA!

 A Curtain Rod found on long ago. Add some Cafe Clips and you have yourself a cheap way to clip up you stickers, rub-ons and anything else (dried/drying herbs, photos, child art...)
 Another find in Clearance @ TJ Maxx add some Ikea Dignitet Curtain Clips another place to hang you stash and it's pretty!

Since the bottom drawer was busted I removed the second drawer and made them shelves.
Have a great weekend!


Kristi said...

I love that! I'll have to keep an eye out for broken furniture!

Julie Davison said...

A busted dresser! Who would have thought?! I love what you did with it and can't wait to go out thift store shopping now! Thanks for the inspiration!

Antoinette said...

Love what you did with the TJ Maxx find. I always look at these types of things when I'm in there and wonder what I could do with them - now I know. I already have the digi clips from Ikea so I'll be running out tomorrow to find a stand similar to yours.

Thanks for sharing your idea.