Saturday, June 4, 2011

Love Everyday

These past few months have been the biggest Life challenges so far in my "almost" 40 Years of life...
On Thursday My Mom Underwent another surgery to replace her 1st Hip Replacement..yeah she has 2 that need to come out, 1 down and the worse. 
This past year has been the worse for her, after she was laid off, she went into a big slump with lots of pain and a whole slew of other ailments. So I had her join Scentsy with me to get her out and about (she loves my crafts and cards, just easier to enjoy mine than do them her self).. Scentsy is a  Direct Selling company of Wickless Candle Scents and easy to do, so it was perfect for her...
But she still struggled, and I worried and ranted and pouted out of frustration, that she needed to keep active.
Now I know why (and feel awful) after her Doc took out a disintegrated hip replacement, UGH!

A New Obstacle...
Friday Lilli has an Accident and severely broke the arm bones near her was Gruesome, I was a Basket Case, she was my rock!
Now as the Shock wears off. I'm hers...with chocolate Ice Cream (fixes everything...I swear), meds, and pillow fluffing! We wait anxiously for next week, after the swelling goes down, what comes next.

♥Love the One's that matter the most...Everyday no matter what!♥
Only the Funny, Informative,and Awesome Samples & Ideas from now more explanation.

So I leave you with this non-paper craft..cause who doesn't need things like these.
I love to entertain and as you know I'm a curb find and thrift store Stalker!
So when ya need some cheap food display or  for anything really, we use them for our  
A great Glass Glue comes in handy and can be found at any craft or hobby store.

Who Loves Cake Plates...
 Some plates and anything that can be used as the base, I used vases and upside down Bowls.
Who Loves Candy Dishes...
 Some candle holders (I went wickless) and Glass vases.
AA HA! Don't throw them out re-purpose them.

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Valerie Durham said...

Oh, my! You have had such a rough time! I'm so glad you're back!
I love your candy dishes! Hope your daughter and your mom are better soon!