Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking a Prepare for....

An April 10Th Deadline...
Yep going to try for an "I HOPE" top ten Artisan Award.
Don't know what this is.
It's where 100's of Demonstrators turn in WOW, Extraordinary, How'd they do that,
Cards , Scrap Book Pages and 3d items.
Wish me luck and
I'll be back soon with some summer mini sneak peeks.
If you need anything contact me, Sale•a•Bration ends March 31.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Zindorf I'm Not....But I did stay at a Best Western, oops take her Class☺

She is amazing, informative, and hilarious....
This was an Ah Ha moment for me.
A brayer inked up and ran across your paper....NOT!
If she is coming near you, Lorrie and I drove 1½ hours to go to her beginners Class, with some shopping in between☺
It's so worth it,
and I can guarantee you will learn so much, and quite a few things you did not know.
And have a lot of Fun.
Michelle says we were her Best Class Ever...☺!
The cards Below were her beginners, just had a small peek at her Advance Cards and "Will" next time she's close, take that.
She sells out everywhere so keep an eye out , follow her Blog or befriend her on Face Book.

My Tries at home...
Not a Zindorf for sure, just saying her last name reminds me of original art pieces.
Of which all her Awesome cards are.

Have a Great Weekend!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Spanish Lesson....

Tenía un taller hace un tiempo de Patrice
Ella quería un conjunto español ... sólo porque la mayoría de las damas no lo hablaba.
Yo sé algo de español suficiente para que a través de un taller de trabajo y suficiente para saber lo que la mayoría estaban hablando, pero hablaban Inglés mayor parte del tiempo, y luego comenzó a enseñarme algunas palabras, dirigidas a estampar.
Translated:I hope correctly....
I had a Workshop a while ago for Patrice
She wanted a Spanish set...only because most the ladies there spoke it.
I know some Spanish enough to get through a work shop and enough to know what most were talking about, but they spoke English most of the time, then started to teach me some more words, directed towards stamping.
A little lesson...
Card Stock: Cartulina (I was was calling it papel, paper)
Cut: Cortar ( actually lots of different words for this)
Big Shot: Big Shot or Mandamás

Stampin Up! has a Spanish Catalog ( Catálogo Español)
that's has quite a few of it's own original and translated sets from the main (IBC) catalog.
Check it out on my side bar♥

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A quickie....

I gave this Birthday Card to Melissa, with her purse.
Quick, simple, easy....
Background stamps can do that.
Also using a FREE set from Sale•A•Bration "Three Little Words"
Sale•A•Bration End March 31, don't miss out on some FREE stuff and Great deals.
Book a FREE Workshop Today!
Contact Me♥

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Stamping Magazines~ Secret Sites~& A Great Deal!

Lost your Mo Jo...Ahem Lorrie...
Go out and spend some money or subscribe, always helps me. Just a few bucks for a mag you can read over and over.
I found a cute card in Stamp It Mag, done by Kimberly Crawford.
Just changed it up to my vision with a little help from hers.

Stampin' Up! sends us Demos an awesome Mag once a month, gets that blood flowin to see super inspirations and get back to stampin.
We also have a SECRET site to view even more awesome creations of others.
Want to view this site come join me, and my Latte Cafe Crew.
Right now you can get the starter kit for just
$169.00 a 15% off
discount (Ends March 31) from an already low $199.00
The whole kit is worth over $335.00
No shipping is charged.
Comes with everything you need to get started, perfect for the beginner.
Also for this month and this special sign up and receive a Free Paper Cutter p191 $24.95
no s/t, it's all on/from ME.
There's also I Digital Package for $157.00, great for those that already stamp or scrap.
Whether you just want to make it a Relaxing Hobby~ mommy time or Make a little extra money.
It's all up to you.
And You get to stamp anytime with me, monthly meetings to help you too or just an excuse to get out of that house and stamp some more☺
Go to Join My Fabulous Team and find out more.
My code is:


(all caps just like it is)
Not in my area,
that's OK sign up with me and we can see each other face to face daily...
Ask me about this special, special I have, for out of townee's.
Or contact me & I'll help you through it!
Have a Great Weekend.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deadline is Here....Tweet.

Pre Pay Deadline for the Mar 20 Stencil Class is here...Today!
Don't miss out. There's still room.
This little cutie I'm showing is the art work we will be doing.
Didn't want to show you, but I'm inpatient, you just will not see the cards.
Plus I gave this cutie to Melissa, my up line for her Birthday and a bag/purse below pic.
Two of these will be up for Raffle at the class.
Hurry Hurry Hurry!

See you there!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

New Bag!

Lilli finally has her bag,
always said I was going to make her her own and bought the fabric, just seemed like one or another thing popped up.
This is Angie Juda's Savanna Bag.
You can find the instructions here Chick n Scratch
I finally gave it a try and still do not feel I did it right, the ruffle is wrong and a few other things but you can't see them unless you have it in your hands, but this was the first and Lilli does not care.
Lilli decided she wants to change the name that Angie gave it to the Lilli bag
only because the Savannah in her class is mean☺

I will have 2 of these for Raffle plus other items, at my
Stencil Class on Sat March 20th.
Every 25$ spent gives you a ticket, you will you also get a ticket for coming, recommending a friend, and Booking a Workshop, MTO, or GNO.
I will also have some very old retired stamp sets for sale, need to make room
just for helping me make room, you'll get another ticket for each set you purchase.
The deadline to Pre-Pay is this Thurs the 11.
Pay Pal is up on the class site to make it easier for you.♥

Hurry time is running out.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Nancy Wanted Bookmarks

When asking Nancy, one of my recent hostesses,
what she liked and wanted...she replied spring colors, butterflies, or bees.
And she loved Bookmarks.
So that's what she got.
A card easy enough for anyone who has never stamped with a detachable Bookmark...
Just remove the ribbon (not Glued down) and insert in the slot.
I used the perforating tool of the Cutter Kit on page 191. to make the Bookmark easily removable. The perfect A2 size card for anyone to give or receive.

Have an event your self, Let me what it is you love.
Event descriptions now in my Side Bar.
Happy Monday!

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