Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Spanish Lesson....

Tenía un taller hace un tiempo de Patrice
Ella quería un conjunto español ... sólo porque la mayoría de las damas no lo hablaba.
Yo sé algo de español suficiente para que a través de un taller de trabajo y suficiente para saber lo que la mayoría estaban hablando, pero hablaban Inglés mayor parte del tiempo, y luego comenzó a enseñarme algunas palabras, dirigidas a estampar.
Translated:I hope correctly....
I had a Workshop a while ago for Patrice
She wanted a Spanish set...only because most the ladies there spoke it.
I know some Spanish enough to get through a work shop and enough to know what most were talking about, but they spoke English most of the time, then started to teach me some more words, directed towards stamping.
A little lesson...
Card Stock: Cartulina (I was was calling it papel, paper)
Cut: Cortar ( actually lots of different words for this)
Big Shot: Big Shot or Mandamás

Stampin Up! has a Spanish Catalog ( Catálogo Español)
that's has quite a few of it's own original and translated sets from the main (IBC) catalog.
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