Monday, March 1, 2010

Nancy Wanted Bookmarks

When asking Nancy, one of my recent hostesses,
what she liked and wanted...she replied spring colors, butterflies, or bees.
And she loved Bookmarks.
So that's what she got.
A card easy enough for anyone who has never stamped with a detachable Bookmark...
Just remove the ribbon (not Glued down) and insert in the slot.
I used the perforating tool of the Cutter Kit on page 191. to make the Bookmark easily removable. The perfect A2 size card for anyone to give or receive.

Have an event your self, Let me what it is you love.
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Happy Monday!

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Butternut Sage Designs said...

what can I say except I think I will be stealing this idea...okay borrowing with recognition! LOL Have a great one Sam..hugs~Donna

Valerie Durham said...

Great idea! I almost bought that cutter thingy last night...should have...maybe next time!