Friday, September 17, 2010

Smooch! Gone Good...

  Sam! Gone Camera Bad....Again,
so you really cannot see the details of this card.
The Cherry Spritzes, kinda like how that sounds.
I know you said it HE HE!
Of coarse the Spritzer has become my new go-to tool and is a must have for just that right finish.
Another fun tool and I've think I have mention it, Smooch Accent Ink.
This card was Complete until I picked it up again
and decided to paint some Moonlight Smooch in the lines of the  
Big Shots Textured Embossing Folder Spider Web

Smooch Accent Ink has a brush when applied that can appear Harsh, make sense?
Almost started to cry, why, why, why?...
Can I not leave great things alone.
Until I tried to wipe it off, UH not Happening!.."It's Ink you Dodo".
But what appeared after softening the harsh lines made me keep going and going...
I Liked it, so I'm sharing it with you.
Sometimes bad things, turn into good!
Try it.
Need some Smooch Accent or any Products shown on this card Order 24/7 from anywhere in the US or Call Me, I can Help!
Don't know what is on this card, cause you do not have a Holiday Mini, Call Me, I can Help!
Have a Great Weekend!

1 comment:

Valerie Durham said...

I love the look of that black spider web with the smooch accents! And what a great color combo for Halloween - I like your use of Cherry Cobbler!