Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mom & Dad...for a little while anyways.

I hoped to post a whole lot more this week, only DH has been out of town for some
Mercedes schooling in FL, he comes home tonight.
In the mean time my Big Burly cop neighbor has been keeping his eye's on us. JK!
Actually Smith & Wesson is a good friend of mine.
DH goes to Houston soon and I might tag along, only what to do while he's in his class, sightseeing alone is no fun, at least for me.
Any Houston stampers Like to come get's a thought.

Here's a page done with Lilli's help using The new summer mini
Tropical Party and my May Discount Stamp set.
See below post, more details to come.
I had some fun playing around with the pic's, blurring the backgrounds, customizing, and printing the photo's.
I'll tell you more about that later with some more pages, most of it's cheap or free.
I'm also using the coordinating paper called
Island Oasis
LOVE LOVE LOVE Bright and Fun,
I actually used the more toned down pages of the pack.
Lilli decided it needed Bling I didn't agree but caved anyways,
She choose how the chipboard pieces were cover, even sanded and stamped them herself.
Stamped the flowers and told me where to sew.
She choose pretty well with only a "little" interference.
I'm very proud of her "almost" First page.

So have you noticed????
Yes I'm showing Lilli, I do not care to show my younger children, it's a preference.
Not one I'll do to often, to get the full effect of the customized pic's
she needed to make her debut.
Here's some close up's of some of the little details.

Happy Wednesday!

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Clarkie said...

Cute page and love that you let your kids help. I like to do that too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We have to get together soon. I am ordering the die so I can make a purse and I need you to show me how to sew! HA!! We can sew and drink margaritas:)